PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: Iran Deal Setting Stage For Christ’s Return (MUST READ!)

Please, I am sincerely begging you, do not pass over this post. READ IT! Your eternity may well depend on it, and if not, your short-term survival most certainly does.

The Oil for Your Lamp

If you are a skeptic, I challenge you to work your way through this entire post — including the material in every link I provide — and ask yourself how so many different prophecies, written by so many different people separated by so many years can suddenly start to align without having to be forced unless there is something to them after all?

Now, to those believers who may not be fully aware of what prophecy actually says, understand that Obama is rushing us toward the Day of the Lord.  Here is how the events of our time align with the Lord’s prophecies.

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One thought on “PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: Iran Deal Setting Stage For Christ’s Return (MUST READ!)

  1. Heard someone say yesterday that he could no longer look into Obama’s eyes and not see the devil. Way too much is aligning with the prophecies to be coincidence.

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