Two Choices – Prole or Patriot

Patriot01I’m out of the country this week and the only US news I can get at the Ritz-Carlton in Beijing is CNN. I watch a little CNN at home – but just on occasion and in small doses. The fact is that CNN is awful. Dreadful. Useless. With Hillary back on the prowl, they are letting their progressive freak flag fly and have returned to the Clinton News Network of yesteryear. They are like taking poison – a little bit at a time over a long period of time will make you resistant to that poison – taking a large dose will drop you on the spot. I’ve been taking forced heavy doses over the past few days, and I can tell you – my brain is beginning to shrivel. Every time I think they might be getting a little more objective, I see Ashleigh Banfield, Chris Cuomo or Fareed Zakaria and realize that they are the perfect visualization of how Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit identifies the media – “Democrats with bylines.”

CNN has been setting up every anti-Christian, anti-gun, Hillary supporting, would be national security puke (aka Democrats) for a soft-focused run at telling you normal citizens that it is all your fault because you are anti-gay cake bakers who refuse to bake the cake. If you had just baked the damn cake, none of this would have happened. They have been putting on sympathetic Muslim representatives talking about how much they love gays and sycophantic Democrat morons like former Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter followed by a cadre of blithering idiots who deny established facts in order to push the memes of “we just don’t know what his motivation was”, “he was just mentally ill, he didn’t get orders directly from ISIS”, “Islam is the Religion of Peace ™” and “if we just banned the public from having weapons of war that can shoot 700 rounds a minute, none of this would happen.”

Obama laments “home grown terrorism” – while many, including myself – have noted that beliefs and ideology know no boundaries. What the tragedies in San Bernardino and Orlando illustrate are both the absolute ineptitude of our government to protect the citizens and the only reason New York City hasn’t already turned into Beirut is that we still have the physical barrier of two great oceans between us and them – but what we lack in imported radicalism, through our weak and feckless responses to terrorism and radical Islam “over there”, it is a terrorist deficit we are about to make up by growing our own.

iran-hangingWe are all aware of the threat of global Islamic terrorism. While the Western World burns down Twitter in a hashtag rage over 50 people being killed in America, people in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa call that loss “Tuesday.” We are all #outraged and #LGBTsolidarity over an attack at a gay bar in Orlando while ISIS and Iran toss that many gays off roofs or hang them from a lamp post every week with barely a notice from the American LGBT community and their supporters. The outrage is justified – I get it, people were senselessly murdered – but the point is that the appeasers in the Western World choose to only be #selectivelyoutraged over attacks in Orlando when it is but one incident carried out on an ongoing basis supporting a global agenda.

The painted faced news readers are all dripping with angst over why Omar Mateen wasn’t stopped from legally buying those guns – which he did, background checks, waiting periods and all – because of what he thought and said. Mateen apparently had nothing in his background that kept him from obtaining security licensure from the State of Florida or passing a federal background check. What they really are asking is this: “Why was he not stopped because of what he thought and believed?”  As disgusting and unconscionable as Mateen’s acts were, this is a clear invitation to toss the First Amendment on the ash heap of history and open the door to the suppression of any thought or belief other than that approved by Big Brother. Thoughtcrime will become a threat.

More than ever, there is evidence that we are sliding toward a dystopian world. While the 1984media cranks up the newspeak and groupthink regarding the Orlando shootings, it is clear to me that there are only two paths to fighting the scourge of religious or ideological inspired terrorism. What is not being discussed is that both paths end at the same destination. It is not about “assault weapons” nor is it about immigration policy, it is about a willingness to kill to end the threat. To protect the country, there will be only two choices, 1) we have to be willing to kill the radical Islamists or 2) we have to be willing to kill any citizen who commit thoughtcrime. Either way, the threat must be neutralized. If we are willing to do the former, we will be able to live in the world envisioned by America’s Founding Fathers – one of liberty, freedom and prosperity. If we are not willing to eradicate our enemies, we will default to becoming proles in the Ingsoc world of Orwell’s 1984.

There is no middle ground. There are no innocent bystanders in this war. The choice must be one or the other. Prole or patriot, a time is coming when every American will have to choose.

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