Homeland Security: the American Gestapo

You say you object to the use of the term?  TOUGH!  It fits.  Or don’t you care that this violates the Constitution AND Posse Comitates Act? (incidentally, this is yet another abuse of our civil rights in which Bush W has his hands dirty).

Texas Lawmaker: Drones Will ‘Dominate the Skies in the U.S.’ by 2015

Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) said that no government agency is addressing the “full implications” of the widespread use of drones domestically and warned that they will “dominate the skies” by 2015.

Homeland Security is also working with other information gathering entities such as Google and FaceBook to track everything you are doing, as well as forcing the phone companies to provide all your tracking, call, text and tweet data.  In short, Homeland Security is nothing more than a giant domestic spy ring aimed at the American people.

I think the founders warned us about how long a people will remain free when something like this is allowed to exist inside the nation’s borders, but then, what would a bunch of old, rich, dead, white, slave-owning heathens know about liberty – right?



8 thoughts on “Homeland Security: the American Gestapo

  1. Considering that a drone has already been used to kill an American citizen sans due process, the potential for abuse is high, and frightening.

    • Agreed. After all, what weapon or system of enforcement has ever been built that was not then used? And, in this case, the system and weapons are openly aimed at the U.S. people – and done in the name of “security,” no less. Care to take a guess at what you would learn if you bothered to research the Gestapo and SS Hitler Leibenstandard?

      • When I met my cousin Jan last April, she told me that she had just left her church because they had the :jezebel; spirit, which I came to understand meant that the church leaders were more interested in preserving their power than in spreading the Lord’s word.
        I see something similar to the Jezebel spirit in governments, they cultivate power for its own sake, their focus is on themselves, not the people they were elected to serve.

        • Greg,

          If you had ever taken the time to read the Wilson essays I have cited, or Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals, you would know that BOTH of them have said that the creation of power for the sole purpose of using power is the ultimate goal of any political ideology/movement. This is the essence of the American Progressive movement, and THEY have said so – not me.

            • And you think the principle is different because priests do it instead of politicians?

              Besides, the Progressives have been inside the Churches since day one. It was part of their plan to “steer” society. They have to control the institutions that support society: schools, churches and the family (the govt. and courts are just assumed as given)

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