The Panicked Existence of Paranoid Little Jenni

First we had the pathetic Life of Julia, now we have The Panicked Existence of Paranoid Little Jenni.

I saw this yesterday and thought it was a parody – until I read this morning that it was real. I couldn’t find it on YouTube until today to post it.

Two questions:

Just exactly how pathetic do you have to be to believe this:

And even a better question – just how pathetic does the Obama camp think you are if you do?

Maybe she isn’t afraid – perhaps she just needs a good laxative.

I’m pretty sure that Daisy from Chicks On The Right isn’t afraid. Here’s an excerpt from her open letter to Marie Claire magazine after they delved into politics with a recent “panic piece” declaring that Republicans are at war with those with the double X chromosome of the Vagina Clan:

Put simply, there is no war on women, other than the one that the left has created as a political campaign strategy. If you want birth control, BUY IT. If you work for a religious organization that opposes birth control/abortion, either find a new employer or shut up already. America was founded on the notion of freedom, which encompasses free will and religious freedom. We are a free market republic, regardless of what this administration would like everyone to believe. And “feminists” look increasingly hypocritical every single day when they claim to be independent and strong, all the while insisting that the government (and by logical extension taxpayers) take care of them, because they’re simply unwilling to do so for themselves.

If today’s liberal “feminist” wants someone else to take care of them, I suppose your fashion and beauty tips in the pages of Marie Claire will come in handy – after all, the better you look, the more apt you are to snag yourself a rich Sugar Daddy with a weak heart and flexible will. And that is precisely what so-called “feminists” seem to be looking for these days – just under the flimsy guise of the federal government and my tax dollars. Just so you know, there are still women in this world who are strong enough to not buy into that absolute bullshit.

I am a Republican woman. I am a strong, conservative, self-reliant, fiscally and personally responsible woman. I was raised by other conservative women to never rely on ANYONE to take care of me. I don’t need or want a Sugar Daddy. I believe that the entitlement mentality is the antithesis of true feminism. And when you and those like you in the media feel as though it’s your job to perpetuate this narrative of the “victimized” woman – THAT, Ms. Walshe, is what pisses me off.

I am a proud citizen in what is still the best and brightest free market nation in the world. A nation that affords me the opportunity and freedom to not only criticize your one-sided magazine, but also to spend my money on other publications whose authors realize that this is still a center-right country, and provide objectivity in their columns. I will no longer be purchasing your magazine, and will make sure my friends and family know why.

I’d like to hear from the women in our audience…please comment…don’t be afraid to register, we don’t record emails and we don’t spam. What does this Obama ad say to you?

It says to me that the wheels are coming off, folks – that desperation has officially set in.

Oh, yeah – Romney is up 5 in the latest national poll.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Mitt Romney attracting 49% of the vote, while President Obama earns support from 44%. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided.

12 thoughts on “The Panicked Existence of Paranoid Little Jenni

  1. Oh, I’m referring to the article, not Jenni. Jenni is retarded. (Gosh, hope I don’t break any hearts with that comment….it is, after all, politically incorrect, and I have such a profound care of not inciting other readers……blah, blah,blah!)

  2. Kells, did you see Romney is up in the polls? I told you B would come around. Don’t ask him tho, he won’t admit it.

    “Daisy” from Chicks on the right is smoking’ hawt !

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