We Are Not In Kansas Any More

For the past couple of months, there has been a massive amount of “wishcasting” by the liberals and the media (but I repeat myself). No less than a half a dozen times have pundits declared, with absolute solemn certitude, that the Romney campaign is “dead” and the election is “over” for one supposed “gaffe” or another.

Romney spoke the truth about the London Olympic Games by saying what the media over here had been saying for months – game over.

Harry Reid says that Romney didn’t pay taxes for the past ten years, Romney releases his 2011 returns and a summary of 20 years of returns, certified by a major accounting firm, indicating that he not only paid taxes, in 2011, he paid more than was required while also donating four million dollars to charity (wonder where Soros and WarBuff are on this). Media reports this as a disaster for Romney and one more time – OMG! Game over!

Romney again spoke the truth about the Libyan consulate attack, a truth that is being reinforced as each day passes – yet the media punditry say that it is game over…again.

Romney says that the Palestinians have no interest in making peace with Israel – and since history supports him, of course, it is game over.

Tim Graham at NewsBusters notes the downfall of Romney dirge chanted at NPR with Gregorian precision by a roundtable of lefty pundits and a faux-conservative, David Brooks:

On Friday’s All Things Considered, NPR anchor Robert Siegel wasn’t mincing words about wanting the 2012 presidential race to be over after the secret Romney tape surfaced: ” What do you make of that shift, E.J.? Is it just a terrible week with several more weeks to go in the campaign or did the wheels just fall off the Republican campaign?”

Romney clearly spoke the truth about the 47% when he said that we have created a culture of dependency and that lowering taxes for people who don’t pay taxes is foolish and yet in this morning’s Independent newspaper here in the UK in a column titled “Can Obama win again? Yes he can!” Romney is a loser again:

Largely responsible for this transformation, of course, have been the recent travails of Mitt Romney. Last week was surely his worst of the campaign so far. It began with the reports of infighting among senior staff, always a sure sign that things are not going well. That was quickly followed by the leak of the secretly filmed video of a $50,000-a-plate fundraising dinner in Florida, where candidate Romney confided that 47 per cent of Americans were scrounging parasites who considered themselves to be “victims”.

Damn, it is over ain’t it, dog? Wheels off for reals, homes. Game over for Romney, right?

Not quite. The only polls that show Obama ahead are those that clearly oversample Democrats over Republicans and the daily tracking polls have the race at a statistical dead heat, so if the Romney campaign is dead and the election is over – when is someone going to tell the American people? I guess we Romney supporters are too stupid to see how badly our candidate is doing.

Other examples of the Romney campaign’s ineptness and failures include:

And these were all just news that I can remember without research from the past couple of weeks.

Game, set, match to Obama.

Oh, wait. I’m sorry…That was the past few weeks for the current President, not the challenger Mitt Romney’s disastrous, no good, epically bad weeks when he rose to a solid tie in the polls in spite of a 24/7 onslaught of in-kind campaign contributions from the national media to the Obama campaign.

We have also been witness to evolution of Obama’s own 24 hour shopping channel in the form of MSNBC.

In any honest assessment, it would seem that the Romney “game over” meme is purely a creation of the official Obama Palace Guard – the compliant media – with no true connection to reality.

This is a common contemporary media/liberal quirk called “wishcasting”. Wishcasting is when someone continues to repeat over and over something that they wish to be true in in the face of insurmountable facts and evidence to the contrary. Weighted but un-skewed polls are showing Obama losing big and in a sign that the internal polls are trending badly, the Obama campaign now says to ignore the national polls, they don’t matter.

What we are seeing is the equivalent of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz chanting “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

Except this time, there is no spell by Glinda the Good Witch of the South.

There are no ruby slippers (although I’m sure The First Gay President would look simply fab in them).

There is only cold hard reality of a failed presidency and a sycophantic media bent on prostituting themselves for their Precious by lying, obfuscating, omitting, slanting and ignoring anything that would detract from the goal of a securing a disastrous second term for Obama.

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.

12 thoughts on “We Are Not In Kansas Any More

  1. Utah, the liberal e-mail I get tells me that Obama is behind in one important parameter, money-raising. I am told that if I don’t pony up some cash, Obama will be outspent, and thus lose.
    This attitude bothers me. Are these campaigners assuming that the American people can be swayed by seeing one or two more ads for candidate A than for candidate B? Is it true? Are the issues of such little importance that a few minutes extra face-time will influence enough voters to get off the fence and vote for him?

    I guess it does. Many people are closer in their thinking to Gary Johnson than either main contender, but he is practically invisible. I f had the visiblity that big bucks bring, it might make a difference.

    The drumbeat about the death of Romney’s campaign is a strategy move; many voters like to vote for winners, If they believe Romney is toast, they either stay home or switch parties, my guess is that more will do the former.

    • G, I disagree that money will matter, at least at the presidential level. Both major party candidates will have more than they can spend on commercials, and the deck is seriously stacked against third-party challengers. Obama has more people on the ground.

  2. More wishful thinking, Utah. Regardless of the problems with polls, none seem to have Romney leading nationally–including Rasmussen, criticized by many as a “conservative pollster.” More importantly, Rasmussen puts Obama ahead in the current electoral count and in the swing states needed to win.

    I’ve never said Romney is toast, but he’s definitely in the weaker position and I’ve been predicting for a long time that he will lose. I see nothing here to change my mind–especially if Romney keeps talking.

    And other than to give media talking heads something to talk about, national polling doesn’t matter much–like a lot of other things that people pretend matter: http://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2012/09/13/ten-things-were-told-could-influence-the-presidential-election-but-wont/

    • Well, Professor – what they do show is that Obama can’t get above 50% and Romney leads in the “independent” category by double digits in some polls but a consistent 7-8% across the board. It is also instructive that unemployment is still over 8% and unlikely to change in the last month before the election. These three things have doomed incumbent presidents in the past and will likely doom Obama this time.

      How can Romney possibly be in a weaker position than at any point when he is pulling even? The only people who don’t understand the clarity and honesty of his statements are the people who aren’t going to vote for him in a million years anyway. His “secretly recorded” statements about people who don’t pay taxes not responding to tax policy and the Palestinians not wanting peace are spot on – and now that the “full” tape has been released, it is clear that he never said what David Corn implied he did.

      Methinks there is a little wishcasting going on with you as well.

      My gut tells me that there are already a lot of decisions made one way or the other but there is about a third of th electorate that will not decide until the curtain is pulled in the booth. These are the people who voted Obama the last time, don’t want to appear to be voting against the first black president this time but also know that we can’t possibly withstand another 4 years of his ineptitude. Obama’s support among these folks is only kept afloat by the relentlessly negative media coverage of Romney and it’s reluctance to report anything negative about him – but in the silence and privacy of the voting booth, they will pull the lever for Romney even though before the election they will tell the pollsters that they are “undecided” and will tell the exit pollsters that they voted for Obama.

      If I am right, we will see a large difference in the exit polls and the actual results, especially in the “swing” states.

      There is another consideration that I think is underreported and under-appreciated and that is the voter enthusiasm – Republicans have it, Democrats don’t. Even Republicans who dislike Romney will vote for him on the the ABO ticket against Obama. I think that the education debt ridden and unemployed young folks will stay at home. I think the leftists who think Obama is a capitalist tool will stay at home as well. My read is that these two things will depress Democrat turnout by 5-8% right off the bat. Black Christians are going to find it difficult to vote for him this time as well.

      Those four things, 1) under 50%, 2) Romney leading with independents and late deciding “undecideds” 3) unemployment over 8% and 4) voter enthusiasm,these are the keys to this election – and I see Obama losing in each area.

      I could be way off – but I am basing this on my observation of America after not being immersed in the culture all the time. I’ve been living out of the country for almost two years now but this year, I have made several trips back and the mood has definitely swung against Obama in the groups that I have interacted with – unquestionably a small and unscientific sample but I have friends who are saying things today about the President that they argued with me on just 3 years ago.

      Six weeks to go and we will know for sure.

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  4. “How can Romney possibly be in a weaker position than at any point when he is pulling even?”

    Interesting interpretation, but I see things trending in the opposite direction. So do some Romney fans: http://www.policymic.com/articles/15259/presidential-polls-2012-romney-is-in-dire-straits-but-here-are-6-things-he-can-do-to-right-the-ship

    “Methinks there is a little wishcasting going on with you as well.”

    Very possible. I do consider Obama to be the “less bad” option, and it is difficult for any of us to overcome biases. And I do appreciate it when people lie to pollsters (I’ve done so myself)–I wish we’d see more of it, so the process would be less poll-driven.

    ” I am basing this on my observation of America after not being immersed in the culture all the time.”

    I wish more of us could take that perspective more often. I’ll be interested to see how it works out.

    “voter enthusiasm – Republicans have it, Democrats don’t.”

    That seems to be changing–in large part because Romney won’t stop talking. 🙂

    “Six weeks to go and we will know for sure”

    Indeed. And I’ve never called it a sure thing. The debates or other events could have an effect in favor of either candidate.

    • “when people lie to pollsters (I’ve done so myself)”

      While I respect your right to lie, I am certainly sad to find out that you would lie intentionally. This is the kind of thing that breaks trust in myself.

      • “I am certainly sad to find out that you would lie intentionally.”

        I don’t blame you, and I have mixed emotions about it myself. But it’s not like I’m lying to a real human being (presumably the caller is simply a recorder, with no interest in my answers), the whole system has become increasingly poll-driven, and there are shows no signs of it letting up. As they say, desperate types call for desperate measures. Think of it this way–people like me could be helping give you and Utah hope. 🙂

        I actually haven’t been polled for years, though. Thanks to caller ID and an answering machine, I rarely answer my phone unless I know it’s someone I’d want to talk to.

        • I dunno James. I just cannot bring myself to do it intentionally. Before I would falsify any data (since we aren’t directly lying to folks), I would be more inclined to simply let the machine talk to my television set.

          Fortunately, I have not been approached by pollsters.

  5. (In my Grand K.’s accent) Oh! Well! That’s a fine how-do-ya-do!

    Mr. Kells just told me polls are irrevelant! Then my son tells me my daughter-in-law is voting for the One. I think I’m going to need to be medicated…… The Wisconsin in me is coming out…..be afraid….. be very afraid…. it looks something like this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6GSWNbjlS0

    And yes, I could completely fool y’all with an accent…….

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