Obama: Anatomy of a Dictator — Limbaugh: Excellence in Propaganda

This will be a two-part post.  I want to start by sharing something I hear today, and then finish by pointing out how subtle misdirection can be sometimes.  It all started when I was listening to Limbaugh today and I have to say he hit on some brilliant observations.   The primary thrust of the majority of his show was aimed at the revelation that Obama (for that matter, all Progressives) refuse to be seen as ever governing the nation. Rush stumbled upon this revelation while trying to explain how public opinion polling can show personal support for Obama while, at the same time, showing a sharp dissatisfaction with the direction in which the country is heading.  The fact that people apparently do not connect Obama’s policies with the nation’s direction was driving Limbaugh nuts – until he gelled the components of things he has been saying since he hit the national airwaves and came up with the following analysis.

Instead of actually leading, Progressives – like Obama — position themselves as constantly campaigning against some shapeless, formless, nameless enemy.  Depending upon the audience, circumstances and goal at the time, this enemy typically takes the form of “the Right,” “conservatives,” “big business,” “the rich” or “right-wing extremists” – among others.  But the point is, as with virtually any dictator you can think of, Obama is always presenting himself as the savior of the people: the man who is fighting to deliver them from the clutches of this untouchable foe.  Aside from the clear religious implication here, the net effect is that Obama can paint himself as an outsider, a hero — the defender of the people – and thus, distance himself from the result of his own policies.  Think about it and you’ll see that this is true.  Even today, a great number of Cubans still see Castro as a hero, and the same applies to virtually every dictator the world has ever known.

Rush also correctly connected this tactic to the teachings of Alinksy.  But, sadly, this is pretty much where he stopped.  Had he chosen to give us a history lesson, he might have gone on to explain that Obama’s tactics can trace their lineage something like this:

Obama the campaigner <– Community Organizer <– Saul Alinksy and Rules for Radicals <– Propaganda <– Edward Bernays <– Woodrow Wilson <– the ‘science’ of shaping and directing public opinion <– the Communist Movement ala Marx

Had he chose to go this direction, Limbaugh could have also hit on the fact that the revolutionary never studies how to govern because his sole purpose is to overthrow the existing establishment.  What happens after the revolution has always been a vague notion to these people.  Read what they write and they will all describe a different idea of the perfect society, but they also all seem to assume it will just happen by some accident or magic.  They never explain what they really want or how they plan to get it, they only know what they don’t like and how they plan to destroy it.  Hence what I have said for a long time: the Left is a force for destruction that must feed off the efforts of those who create.

Finally, Rush made one more factual and important point.  He explained that the only way Obama or any Leftist can possibly get away with these tactics is if the press is working in conjunction with him.  In other words, Obama is only succeeding in deceiving people and distancing himself from the effects of his policies because the media wants to protect him.  This means the media is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the government (see my flow chart above: it traces directly to Wilson and the Progressive/Communist movement). And for the remainder of his show, Rush hammered on and blamed the media for a good deal of this nation’s woes.  This where I part with Limbaugh’s analysis and start the second part of this post.

While I agree that the media is part of the government, this is nothing new – so is the education system.  The catch here is that Rush is part of the establishment media.  True, he paints himself as being independent, but he isn’t.  Think about it.  Throughout his entire career, no matter how poorly they have performed, what is the one thing Rush has consistently stood for?  Preserving and growing the power of the Republican Party – period!  However, in anything else, he tells his audience that they shouldn’t listen to anyone who tells them they can’t do something.  If they have a passion for it, do it.  So why not start a third Party – especially as Rush is always telling us the Republican leadership is incompetent or scared of the media or whatever?  I mean, the country does report as being majority conservative in the way they live, so why not start the third Party with good conservative leadership?  If Rush is correct, it would be a majority Party in short order.  Such a move would also be in keeping with everything he has ever told people – except where the Republican Party is concern.  Once you broach that subject, Rush immediately goes on the defense.  Why?

And why did Rush taught Rubio today?  Anyone who has been listening should have noted that Rubio is talking “conservative,” but he’s pulling another “W,” only this time, it isn’t “compassionate conservatism,” its “realistic immigration reform.”  And people deny that the Republicans are Progressive?  Don’t you see the word games being played here?  Any way you slice it, Rubio is moving the Republican Party steadily to the Left.  And to punctuate my point, why didn’t Rush at least mention Rand Paul’s rebuttal to Obama?  Paul has closer ties to the TEA Party than Rubio, yet Rush didn’t issue a peep about him – not one word.  Why?  And why did Rush, Hannity and Levin treat Ron Paul the same way?  Are you starting to see why I am skeptical of these “conservative” radio hosts yet – especially their claims to support the TEA Party?

You see, I have been listening long enough to have developed real concerns about Rush.  Just as the Left has people who serve no purpose but to keep Democrats “on the reservation,” Rush’s insistence that “conservatives” stay with a Party that has clearly and repeatedly demonstrated it hates “conservatives” seems to be the Right-wing version of the same thing.  Heck, Rush has even said the Republican leadership hates the “conservative” movement, yet he insists that “conservatives” – who he says are a majority in this nation – must stay in a Party that hates them and the ideas for which they stand.  Instead, he focuses your hatred on Obama, the media and the Republican leadership. He doesn’t address the fact that the Republicans haven’t filed Articles of Impeachment.  Instead, he talks about “political realities” and “strategic strategy.”  Well, if Obama is the threat to this nation Limbaugh claims he is (and I believe he is), then why cover for people who are more worried about winning elections than doing their duty to protect the nation?  Why tell me they have to worry about winning the next election when they have already shown they won’t do what we want them to do when they are given one-Party rule (i.e. 2004-2006)?  Why keep up the pretenses and continue defending a Party that he, himself, has already admitted is a waste?

Well, I have learned to see these tricks when the Left uses them, so I am not going to remain willfully blind when the Right employs them.  This is why I have come to a point where I suspect Limbaugh is nothing more than a gatekeeper: put where he is to keep “conservatives” on the Republican reservation.  Else, the “conservatives” in both Parties might actually find they have more in common with each other than with their Parties and actually come together to form a majority third Party where the leadership in the Democrat and Republican worlds will have no power.  Since gaining and keeping their power is really the only thing either of the major Parties really cares about, this makes more sense than the contradicting rhetoric coming from Limbaugh, doesn’t it?.

[Note: this could also be why the Left has always insisted that Rush doesn’t mean what he says and that he is lying.  It could be that they know something we don’t.  And that would explain why Limbaugh personally attacked the female seasoned citizen who called in the fall of 1994 and accused him of being and doing exactly what I just described.  In fact, she is the person who first got me looking for evidence of this — and that was long before I knew anything about Progressives or their connection to propaganda.  But this is just a thought — though it is a thought that all fits together seamlessly.  😉 ]

48 thoughts on “Obama: Anatomy of a Dictator — Limbaugh: Excellence in Propaganda

  1. Let me make the connection for you and for Rush. The way Rush talks sometimes exposes how out of touch he is because he doesn’t work in an office with many different people. He’s insulated. He’s proving the cave analogy as brilliant as the man is, he and most other Conservatives are just not getting it with the exception of Levin (for the most part). At a minimum, Levin knows its education.

    There are some that just want to go down this path of Leftism purposefully!

    I work with them!

    Propaganda and the public schools indoctrination has worked! The minute I start talking common sense they either walk away OR create some ‘boogie man’ scenario rationale. They have been taught to think irrational and borderline insane DUE TO the “don’t talk politics and religion” and “Progressive propaganda over generations. We are at the generation of successful propaganda.

    And… this group is growing. Was in fact large enough to put Obama back in office.

  2. “…he fact that the revolutionary never studies how to govern because his sole purpose is to overthrow the existing establishment. ” Excellent point. This is partly why everything in government is so muddled nowadays. From the lack of understanding of proper protocol all the way to the abuse of executive orders by Obama.

    I am also interested in your explanation of Rush’s behavior. I guess I cherry-pick the stuff he says that I agree with and jettison the rest. It is just nice to hear a national voice say some good things once in awhile. If he is just trying to keep like-minded people apart, then he and the lapdog media are actually working toward the same goal. I suspect it isn’t that deep. He may just be reacting.

    I like the way he tries to use proper criticism to balance the ignorant media that constantly fawns over Obama . I find Obama to be a thoroughly despicable coward, undeserving of his office. I never like it when Rush goes off an his ‘anti-liberal’ rants, though. I always go listen to something else when that happens.

    Even though Rubio is a very good speaker, I don’t really like him. I keep waiting for the ‘gotcha’! He seems more like an old-fashioned Democrat than a conservative.

    • DRK

      Rush is trying to prevent total chaos with the GOP being broken via a 3rd party. This is what the Libertarians want and their fools! This happens and its over!
      Rush, like Levin and myself and most Conservatives want to take back our party including its power structure because without that we ALL loooose.

        • Well Mr. Chicken Little… pretty good when you are looking deeper than words.

          How about the Conservative governors for starters?
          How about the strength of the Tea Party in this last election which is the sole reason we retained our power in the house?
          How about the fact more young people identify themselves as left of center – first time in nearly… oh EVER!

          How about the Gallop Pole?
          – 42% approve of Obama’s gun policies | 54% DISAPPROVE (WINNING!)
          – 41% approve Obama’s tax policy | 57% DISAPPROVE (WINNING!)
          – 39% approve Obama’s economy | 60% DISAPPROVE (WINNING!)
          – 36% approve Obama’s handling of the issues in the middle east (Israel/Palestinians) | 55% DISAPPROVE (WINNING!)


          – 31% approve of Obama’s handling of the federal budget deficit | 65% DISAPPROVE!!! (WINNING!) (WINNING!) (WINNING!)

          WE ARE WINNING so pull your head out of your Blog for a few minutes and DO SOME DAMN RESEARCH! And stop bashing your boogie man (GOP) and HELP US BEAT THIS PROGRESSIVISM BACK. But I contend you are hell bent and blinded on just getting power for your own cause called Libertarianism. Your motivation is no different than Progressives because the result is still destructive not constructive.


          • Chicken Little? (chuckles)

            More young people identify themselves as Left of center? And you think that is a feather in the “conservatives” cap? Well, actually, it is, but I’m not entirely sure you understand the truth in your Freudian slip there, Poli, old buddy 😉

            Next, I have been involved with my local TEA PArty, and I’m not all together sure they would approve of being labeled “conservative.” So your attempt to attach your “conservatism” to the TEA Party movement actually supports my argument against Limbaugh (thanks for that, btw).

            As for other TEA Party candidates, I seem to recall the Republican Party working to defeat several of them this past election cycle. They succeeded in several places. I bet Allen West would have liked some of that “conservative” help from the R’s, but they fed him to the lions, didn’t they?

            “Conservative” governors? You mean like the Progressive Perry, our ‘disaster’ Scott and the bumbling Jendal? Yeah…is that’s what you mean, you can have them.

            Now, YOU FOLLOW THIS ONE (because I actually hold a degree in this subject 😉 )

            That percentage disapproval does NOT mean they necessarily oppose Obama and agree with Republicans. A good portion of that ‘disapproval’ includes people who think Obama isn’t liberal enough! So don’t make so many hasty conclusions, my man.

            We are winning? In what world? And by what measure? I think your little red caboose may have chugged around the bend, Poli, but if this is what you want to tell yourself…


              • No, I didn’t — and I don’t have to. I have read enough of the previous polling to know that there is little likelihood that public opinion has undergone the c-change you suggest this poll represents. But what I AM staring to believe is that you have had a good, long draw on the GOP Kool-Aid tap. 😉

                  • Guilty as charged — and to all counts, sir. And farewell. May you find fertile ground for your glorious “conservative” revolution in whatever land the winds may blow you. (But pray it is not into the realm of the East India Tea Company, where you will find “conservatism” has rendered your life the property of the company, to be disposed of as the company sees fit.)


    • drketedc,

      For the most part, I agree with you. Rush is still the #1 source for accurate and correct “insider” information when it comes to Party politics. However, he has said things that worry me a great deal.

      Have you ever heard him tell people not to worry, he’ll tell them when it’s time to panic? He says this a lot. Well, I was listening one day when a caller asked him how he would know Rush was telling them to panic and Rush said:

      “You’ll know when you tune in for 12 days and I’m not hear and there is no explanation as to why.”

      The implication was that Rush will just flee the country. Rush has also said he has looked into buying land in New Zealand (a stupid move, btw: I have friends there and they tell us that as soon as the U.S. falls, China will gobble them and Oz up in a heartbeat). I have also heard Rush say – repeatedly — that NO ONE is going to take “his money.” All of this adds up to a man who no longer cares about the nation or liberty over himself (see, I listen — A LOT!)

    • DR Kete … I like your take on Rush …. and I kind of agree with you about Rubio.

      What did you think of Rand Paul’s speech ??

      • Whew! He touched on a lot of issues, didn’t he?

        “What America needs is not Robin Hood but Adam Smith”. And ““Big government’s not your friend. The president offers you free stuff, but his policies keep you poor.” That’s a guy I could like. I fear he is too reasonable, which means he is ripe for destruction by lapdog media.

        Can this ‘penny plan’ work? It sounds so simple. (Also- and this is petty- I enjoyed a whole speech with zero ‘ums and ahs’) All in all, it did resonate with me. I like a guy who proposes a pathway to success instead of a pathway to jealousy and hatred of those who are successful. You?

        • Yes … The Class Warfare hatespeech has to be countered. I don’t know about the “penny Plan” either…..

          But we Do need more of this kind of Talk on the Airwaves …… I wish there was a way to build on it. Ala Joe’s thrust lately about Levin and Rush…..I would say we should be more concerned about FOX which seems to be pushing Progressivist Platforms esp WRT AMNESTY !!

          Even NEWSMAX …. they had an article advocating taking away the Mortgage Deduction since it “Really only benefited those in the Upper Income Brackets ” !!!…..Feb 2013, Page 25.

            • Right. And they keep showing the Rubio water-bottle nonsense.

              Is it adherence to certain parts of the Progressivist agenda or just being afraid of a resurgence of “the Fairness Doctrine”??

  3. PS

    I meant RIGHT of center for youngsters…

    and PSS

    Obama did NOT win by a majority – in fact less than his first term. This is a direct result of so many young ppl moving away from the left.

      • No … I think Poli is refering to the 4.5 million LESS votes Obama got in 2012 ( about 65.8 million) than he got in 2008 ( Over 70 Million ) .

        Basically those 2008 Democrat voters didn’t show up not Because of anything the GOP did … but because of what Obama did his first term …. Obama turned away 4 and a half million voters.

        • Poli,

          I have. I just happen to know a bit about how those numbers are generated and, because of that, I do not trust that they say what you’ve assumed they say. besides, your conclusions run counter to the trends of history and I see absolutely NO evidence to believe that tide has turned.

          • OMG… Come on, your fulfilling my opinion on your paranoia. Not everything is a conspiracy and apparently you must know something that fly’s into the face of people like Levin and Savage?


            • Conspiracy? When did I mention a conspiracy? I was talking about why Limbaugh seems to act in contradiction to what he preaches. That may not bother you, but contradictions ALWAYS bother me. Besides, I allowed for the possibility that I am tilting at windmills. I’m not sure I am the one that needs to take a deep breath here…

              • Typical… and AGAIN! You Libers make my point.

                Attack the messenger rather than addressing the numbers. And why not address the numbers? Cause they don’t lie!

                Now you can claim to know “how they get their numbers”, I do to! Many time it is nefarious but by far Gallup has been the most accurate and in this case I also read the damn questions and they were simple. straight forward questions and NOT ambiguous.

                Q: Do you support Obama’s economic recovery plan?
                A: NO – by 60%

                Now stop dealing with the stuff you REALLY don’t know and discrediting not just yourself but our whole cause! To remind you it is to defeat Progressivism.

                • Poli,

                  I’m starting to consider you a waste of time. Numbers don’t lie? Numbers lie all the bloody time, dude! Now stop proving your ignorance. Case in point: nothing you just said addresses the problem I brought up. You need follow up questions to find out why people say no, they are not happy. Were those in the poll? I doubt it — because those types of polls are too bloody expensive for the people running them. I know about this. I have been involved in the designing and conducting of public opinion polls. I know how easily the responses can be pushed, and how innocently the responses can be misinterpreted.

                  • Prove it! Prove these numbers from Gallup are wrong!

                    I am a waste of time? LOL
                    If I just sat here and agreed with you then I am worthy of your time?

                    What a joke. 2 sides of the same coin here… Progressives / Liberaltarians

  4. In the coming years, case studies will be performed on how eloquently Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder have shaped the Obama propaganda machine.

    Make no mistake about it, those are the two real leaders of this country.

      • Might be. They are a bunch of lawyers. The only other way they know how to communicate with each other outside of subpenas is with blackberries.

      • I really think there is a fatal Flaw in thinking that “Conservatives” in the current Democrat Party are on the same page with the “Conservatives” in the Republican party as you say in your OP.

        And I think Rush would welcome all Conservatives as he sees them……..If those mythical Democrat “Conservatives” don’t see the danger to the Constitution ( not just POTENTIAL danger…but destructions already enacted ) NOW and after the prior 4 years … then what exactly defines their “Conservatism”.

        I think you have gotten to the real divide…..the real ideological difference which separates the country today, and defines two OPPOSING views which are mutually exclusive…..you have done this on other Posts recently.

        • Don,

          There are people in the Democrat Party who are conservative in their thinking and values — they just don’t realize it. They have been propagandized so heavily, they wouldn’t admit to it even if you showed them on some sort of test. Besides, even if they understood it, many are stuck in the “My family has ALWAYS voted D” rut.

          But, hey, what do I know. I’m just words on a screen, babe 🙂

          • “….But, hey, what do I know. I’m just words on a screen, babe …”

            That kind of language only works on Kells… ;- ) .

            But I think you are right … In a way we are saying the same or similar things…. In the end if they aren’t “Conservative” … or if they only vote out of “Habit” …. then it doesn’t really matter. We’ll never get them….esp with the New Democrat Party being equated with “Fairness”

            Our better hope is with the Young .

  5. And one last thing…

    “I seem to recall the Republican Party working to defeat several of them this past election cycle.”

    IGNORANCE and this is EXACTLY what the left does… they create their own narrative by generalizing – that’s what this is!

    It was Karl Rove, Dick Morris and a select number of GOP establishment characters that tried to do this. Again, you do NOT know your facts. This is why the GOP is salvageable, because it is just a few in very powerful positions but their NOT permanent position – nothing is. We can still take it back but not if we have people like you that claim to be in our camp while trying to defeat us at the same time.

    Because ultimately you just want to see the GOP fall.. fatalists, Ron Paul sanity!

    AND PS
    If you are in a Tea Party grp that doesn’t believe in Conservatism you are NOT in a Tea Party – you are in a Rove Party! LOL

  6. “Two of them, yes, but neither of them is on the other end of Obama’s Blackberry.”
    Shouldn’t it be, “neither of them have Obama at the end of their Blackberry.”
    I honestly wonder how many more incoming calls O gets than he makes, especially from Europe.

    As to Limbaugh, I once a long time ago calculated he probably was in the $200+ million a year range.
    At that level of income, there are no politics. It’s only $$$$ that matters. He’s an entertainer. His goal is to make obscene profits.

    • chrisyurhee,

      He once made a comment that led me to believe he makes more than that, but who knows. Your point is well made. What we do know is that his net worth is between $400 million and $1 billion — because of the information that leaked connected to his failed attempt to become a partner in ownership of an NFL team.

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