Obama, Gun Control and Rights — in Pictures

I am writing this post with the “low information” voter in mind: that thoroughly indoctrinated sheeple who has been taught to respond to anything outside their PC confines with pre-programmed jingoism.  So, naturally, I have kept it simple – so they can understand the message in 17 seconds or less.


Columbine Survivor Pens Bold Open Letter to Obama Rejecting Gun Control: ‘Whose Side Are You On?’




New NRA Ad Targets Obama, Clinton Gun Comments With Fiery Civics Reminder: ‘They Don’t Rule Us. They Don’t Give Us Rights’






So understand this and understand it well:

Any attempt to restrict the 2nd Amendment amounts to open subversion and tyranny — ANY ATTEMPT!  And that applies equally to those who support gun control — period!

Any questions?

10 thoughts on “Obama, Gun Control and Rights — in Pictures

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a country that issued you a real assault rifle on your 18th birthday, and made ammunition available for training so you could always be proficient. Now that would be a Government of the people for the people.

    • Chhelo,

      That was THIS nation — back in the day of the founding. And yes, governments used to give weapons to those adult males who could not afford them. They also kept armories for the militia to use in times of defense. The militia: every able bodied adult male — not the standing army.

  2. I’m thinking of ordering a custom AR-15 with a middle finger engraved in the lower and the name “obama” underneath it.

    Somehow, that’s just how he inspires me. 🙂

  3. Augger,

    You should order one of those 80% lower receivers and then you can have fun doing your own work. Been looking into it as well but hate to pay the price they are asking for the receiver and tooling to complete. I still have a stripped CMMG AR15 Lower that I never used that I would like to trade for a stripped AR-10 lower. Was going to use it to build an AR57 but decided to get a FN PS 90 instead. Maybe in 6 months supply will catch up with demand and prices will come down a little.

  4. Too bad the people who ‘represent’ us in Congress aren’t smart enough even for the picture approach. In school we were taught that these people were savvy and smart and would understand the issues. I can hardly believe just how stupid, yes stupid, so many of them really are. Do they not read??? Every time I send a letter, I hope someone in the office will at least scan it for content and maybe a light will go off in their brain. Even if they still disagree, I want them to have respect for those of us who have a different view and stop the coercion ( which is all meant to feather their own nests at our expense.)

    Sorry. I have strayed from the gun issue into my bailiwick- individualism and healthcare choice. Though, I think it still applies.

    • drketedc,

      No, you haven’t strayed: same principle — individual rights and liberty.

      However, I offer a word of caution. I think it was Squatch who posted about ascribing to stupidity what is better explained by malevolence. I no longer believe these people are stupid, they are just EVIL!

      It’s that simple.

  5. Letters to Politicians,
    1) thanks for your letter, 2) we are working hard for you 3) I am doing great things on your behalf 4) don’t forget to send financial support and vote for me. I set there stunned as nothing in the form letter even really addresses the issue I wrote about. Joe is right it not stupidity it’s hiding their malevolence behavior by saying they are on our side well all the time they are compromising or in bed with the enemy. Evil seeks evil and there are no shortage of takers.

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