Scratch Rand Paul from My List of “Good Guys”

I just heard Rand Paul explain his reasoning for voting for Hagel on Beck’s radio program.  In a nutshell, Rand said he believes the Constitution says he is to advise the President, then consent to whoever the President nominates.  So, literally, and without reduction, Rand said he would have voted YES had Obama nominated Mao, Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot to his cabinet.

It’s About the Drones: Rand Paul Tells Glenn Beck His Vote on Hagel Was About Something Much Bigger

Rand, if the founders meant for the Senate to approve whoever the President nominates, they wouldn’t have bothered to include the advice and consent clause to the Constitution.  That was included to provide a check against the President doing exactly what he has been doing.

This is what I mean about the Liberaltarians being so in favor of “liberty” that they will destroy the structure that IS necessary to maintain a free and self-governing society.  In this case, Rand Paul is reading the Constitution as a free license for the President to do whatever he wants with the Executive.  Rand is simply wrong (and you can read the Federalist Papers and Madison’s notes on the Convention to confirm it for yourself).

[Note: as soon as Rand justified his reasoning to Beck, claiming it was “consistent,” Rand immediately contradicted himself when Beck asked if this means he will be voting to affirm Brennen.]


Beck followed his interview with rand Paul with an explanation intended to defend Rand.  Beck seems to believe that, since Rand reads the Constitution to mean the Senate MUST approve all nominees the President makes, Rand was just following principle when he voted for Hegel.  Beck then said he disagreed, but he has to support Rand because “Rand must become President.”  Well, if you are one of those who thinks I am a Glenn Beck sycophant, pay attention:


If Beck is going to decry Obama because Obama doesn’t understand or support the Constitution, then it is hypocritical and contradictory to declare that Rand “Must become President” immediately after Rand illustrates that he does not understand the system of checks and balances in the Constitution.  Now, before anyone tries to defend Rand’s view of the “advise and consent” clause, I would caution you to consider that Rand’s biggest justification was “I don’t want the other side doing this the next time a Republican President tries to nominate a Cabinet member.”  So Rand not only demonstrated his lack of understanding for the checks and balances in the Constitution, he clearly indicated his primary concern is motivated more by politics than by principle.

5 thoughts on “Scratch Rand Paul from My List of “Good Guys”

  1. I have come to think Rand Paul is another Stealth Progressive…..who makes himself feel above the Fray by calling himself a Libertarian and at Times a Conservative. He used the Tea Party momentum to get himself elected as such. I was an suppoerter and big contributer.

    I was Fooled.
    A true reading of the Constitution would NOT conclude that the President has FREE license to do what he wanted with the Executive….But to do what he wanted ..”WITHIN the Constraints and Spirit of the Constitution”. The Libertarians seem to be as Bankrupt in their own way as do the Liberal Democrats today With many of their adherents voting on the single issue of Legalizing Drugs as their specific “Brand” of expressing “Freedom”. For Instance. So in a way those Libertarians are much like the single issue Constituency groups that make up the Rag-tag army of Democrat-Liberal voters.

    I’m not even sure about Rubio anymore …. His main focus and thrust seems to insuring Amnesty for his own “Raza”, since he is virtually silent on immigrants from anywhere else….

  2. I think Kells is finding more girls, in our other group, get all wet over Rand Paul. We think Rubio is a puppet of the Republican machine, and that machine is about out of gas.

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