Dave Swindle At PJ Media: Well Worth Your Time

10 Depressing, Morally Confused Reactions to 4/15/13, the Boston Jihad

He starts off:

I will state my position about what has happened this way:

Al Qaeda’s Attack on America on September 11, 2001 = the beginning of World War 1

Two NON-ARAB, WHITE, WHOLLY AMERICANIZED Homegrown Millennial Jihadists Take America Hostage And Launch a New Template for How to Wage A DIY, Low Budget-Download-The-Instructions-Off-The-Internet Terror War = the beginning of World War II.

We are now entering a new phase of the Islamic war to replace liberal societies with Sharia law. This is World War IV, a multi-decade conflict that will be for our generation what the war against Nazism and Fascism was for our grandparents. Except it will probably be worse.

As such, I would like to primarily address those who have not yet given up progressivism, moral relativism, and the Democratic party — the three idols I grew up worshiping for the first two decades of my life. (I realize now that the reason I abandoned progressivism is simply that I didn’t go to graduate school whereas most of my friends did. My brainwashing gradually wore off after I got out into the real world and had to try and survive.)

This is not an oppressive, Corporate Imperial war waged against harmless Muslims. It is a war that Islam has declared against Enlightenment-based societies. The problem is not the Koran or Islam. The problem is radical (as in going to the root of the idea) Islam or Islamism, or Orthodox Islam, or the traditional Islam of history that requires the marriage of mosque and state accompanied by full implementation of chop-your-hands-off-style Sharia. Muslims who reject Koranic literalism and affirm Enlightenment philosophy are A-OK. (See Robert Spencer’s article this morning to see the great Jazz music some of them have made. And note Roger L. Simon today — Islam is not a race.) Muslims who embrace America instead of demanding American submission can enjoy the riches of Liberty just as every immigrant who has come to this land throughout the centuries to worship their God and work hard.

We need to stand with genuine Muslim liberals against both the terrorists and stealth (non-violent) jihadists rebelling against the Modern world.

That requires identifying those in the political and media classes who sabotage these efforts. Here are 10 examples of those whose ideas undermine the safety of Americans and the twin projects to nurture political liberalism in the Muslim mind and Enlightenment values in the Islamic soul.

22 thoughts on “Dave Swindle At PJ Media: Well Worth Your Time

  1. Liberals favorite religion is islam …… Islamofascists wreak havoc, rape, torture, murder, terrorism and destruction in every culture and continent. And have been so engaged for over 1,300 years …. and liberal apologists like G Cobb (Melfamy) and the Liberla Professor Jimmy McPhearson and Karl and others come here weekly to say how evil we at RNL all are ……. What a friggin laugh !

    The mohemmedan scum who terrorized Boston became American citizens …. one was given a Scholarship by the town of Cambridge……and he , in perfect muslim turn, spit in their (our) faces and murdered Native born US citizens…..

    There is no desire by these people to become American….not with them or with the Millions who are here illegally …. they want Tax-Payor funded benefits and then to laugh and sneer at the US Citizen…I see it all the time in Texas.

    And the Progressive Liberals and Progressive RINO Republicans like McCain and Rubio want us to Grant them Amnesty amd ultimately citizenship …. to legally Cemenrt their hatred for America.

    And they want us to give up our 2nd Amendment rights ??!!!…….And our 1st Amendment free=sppech rights too ??! …. we aren’t supposed to use the Term “Illegal Alien” for those who Broke Federal and State laws to come here…..we aren’t supposed to use the term Islam or Terrorist to describe those who murder us in our streets like Boston.

    To those who demand this of us, the American Citizens …..the message is..: GF Yourselves. ….to those politicians telling us to FORGET Lawbreakers …..NOT A CHANCE !!!!

  2. When the Muslim neighborhood in Detroit was filmed dancing in ecstasy when the towers fell, we should have known this day would come. When middle-class educated British-raised young Muslims blew up the London subway, we should have known this day would come. Why are people surprised?

    The other day, I said that my gut said it was Islamists, but I wondered that no one had taken credit, which seemed more like domestic terrorism to me. Surprise — it was both. And, I’m not terribly surprised, which makes me really sad for this country.

  3. I’ve said it many times – it isn’t Islam as a religion that I take issue with, it is the political dimension of Islam that is dangerous. Islam is and has been a motivation to conquer, to convert by the sword. It has ambitions to rule the world in the name of Allah. Almost every thing we have been taught about the Crusades was wrong, about how the evil Christians massacred the peaceful Muslims in the name of Christ.The modern tales never seem to recognize that Muslims (Moors) were pushing into Europe during the medieval times and at it’s peak, the Caliphate included almost the entire Iberian peninsula, including what is now Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra, and France. It was called Al-Andalus or in English, Andalusia.

    They were not repulsed until the last emir surrendered to Queen Isabella of Spain in January of 1492.

    The first Crusades were mounted to achieve Christian access to the holy sites in Jerusalem but the later wars were fought to repel the advancing Islamic caliphate, which at its peak spanned from Pakistan to the Atlantic Ocean.

    • I agree with you Utah …. Except when one really reads and reflects on the koran / hadith , one sees clearly that the Political Dimension IS islam. They are inseparable, there are paasages about love and such …. but the term “islam” itself means *submission* …. and the entirety of the book and comments make abundantly clear that it is to ONLY islam and allah that the entire world and every single person must *submit* to.

      And the actions of their terrorists,….. the words of their Leaders …..and the silence of the Vast majority of mohameddans, shows us that it is JUST this interpretation that they are hoping for and adhere to , if you will,…..religiously.

    • Utah,

      Islam IS a political religion. Study the life of Muhammad. He didn’t gain more than 150 followers UNTIL he made his “religion” political (and started giving them 4/5 of everything they took in battle). There is no separation between state and church in Islam. This is NOT “my opinion,” this is what MUHAMMAD said.

      Unless and until we get this through our thick skulls, we’ll continue to ignore the reality of what we’re facing…

      • Don’t think I want to go there because the same can be said of Christianity. I still maintain that religion is exactly like any set of natural laws or moral guides – it is the imperfect followers that are at fault, not the giver of the law.

        So that is why I differentiate radical Islam from Islam.

        • “Don’t think I want to go there because the same can be said of Christianity.”

          And I disagree. You “can” pervert Christianity to make a theocracy, just as you “can” pervert Islam to make an actual religion. BUT, when you read the Bible you will NOT find a doctrine setting up a religious government run by priests/clerics, whereas, when you read the Qur’an, this is EXACTLY what Muhammad prescribed.

          Utah, brother, read the freaking Qur’an and Hadith. There is no “radical” about it. It says what it says, and it means it. War is the way for all Muslims — until there is only Islam.

          • You know what Joe, this is where we get to the part in our relationship that I start considering a divorce – when you start to lecture me as if I’m some random dumbass. I guess we shouldn’t discuss religion.

            If the Koran is to be interpreted as you say, then why do we not have a religious war on our hands – never mind pontificating, I’ll answer that – because not all Muslims interpret the Koran literally or even the literal words the same way, that’s why we have Shia, Sunni and Sufi sects.

            And, I’ve read the Koran – and three different books regarding the interpretation of it, as well as reading the Torah. I’ve had thousands of discussions with an actual practicing Muslim, a good friend of mine, a Persian from Iran. So far he hasn’t tried to kill me, blow up my truck, rape my wife or enslave my children…I guess he must be an apostate. That would be news to him.

            I am not in any way trying to say that Islam and Christianity are equal, they are not. Christianity has done more to advance the cause of mankind and provide for the human spirit than any other religion in the history of humans on this planet. And I’m not talking about by a little, I’m talking light years but that still does not change the fact that.

            Jeremiah 17:9-10 says:

            9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

            10 I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

            1 Samuel 16:7 says:

            But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.

            I will take God’s advice to look at a man’s heart. That doesn’t mean that I can’t say that his religion is at fault but at the end of the day God gave man free will so that he could choose. Some do not choose well. Those are the ones that I have no problem sending to paradise.

        • I used to believe similar … but when I read and re-read more of Chritianity ( Merton etc..) I came to have a very different view .

          The equivalence relationship between Religions that we we have been taught is the proper way to view them “Objectively” is fundamentally flawed. You are Absolutely correct in saying that violations of Natural Law have been perpetrated “in the Name of Christianity”……. But Christian Books don’t have as a Religious Principle the Active Killing of non-christians.

          It is un mistakable in islam and their “holy books” …. that some “imams” may SAY this doesn’t represent the “TRUE” islam … actually makes them apsotates to “the Book” …. they are only redeemed in the face of islam by the practice of Kitman and Taqiyya. Which means they are telling the world ‘sanctioned lies’ when they make those comments.

          I would also disagree with the statement that “religion is exactly like any set of Natural Laws or moral guides”. Just one example is the muslim “holy act” of murdering Non-believers ….. and again, this is not OPINION…..THEIR BOOK tells them this is so.

          • And I would add that

            “Radical islam” is a PC made-up term…..just like “assault weapon” and “vast right-wing conspiracy”…..

            All Made-up to own the language, direct the dialogue and re-direct attention from obvious facts.

            • And further…..what you say about “Choice”….about God giving man free will to choose…

              That’s kind of what I was trying to say …… The “moderate” mulims ( everybody has one that’s a friend these days it seems)….these “Moderates” choose to say nothing about the violence …. which keeps them in good standing with “The Book” and with mainstream widely recognized islamic practices. They tell their Non-Believing “Friends” they don’t believe in killing in the name of islam…blah blah blah. But they are also covered by the koran in doing so …. in fact the act of Taqqiya and Kitman is an ACTIVE one, in the sense that the Believer actively decieves actively tells “part-truths” …. it is thus an act of their Faith that they are participating in…..a kind of soft Jihad.

              That Americans and Westerners don’t understand this is disturbing and given the continued events…quite astounding.

              What is needed is a Kind of Public Rejection of the koranic principles that call for Murder and rape and subjugation of people’s Natural Rights …. a kind of Vocal and Public Reformation within islam ( similar to the Protestant split but without the violence). Without this kind od widespread and Deep structural change within it…..islam will remain at War with the World as it has been since its beginning.

              And make no mistake about this…..because THIS also is the Progressive Press Brainwashing coming out in the terminology again…..

              ISLAM is at war with US, the West……it is not WE who are at war with them…………… The Difference is Crucial !!

              • “…….in fact the act of Taqqiya and Kitman is an ACTIVE one, in the sense that the Believer actively decieves actively tells “part-truths” …. it is thus an act of their Faith that they are participating in…..a kind of soft Jihad.”

                It’s interesting that you mention this, Don. There was a Palestinian Muslim turned Christian author I was very fond of. And then my boyfriend, Walid Shoebat, called him out. In a few interviews in Arabic, the author had a different song to sing….interesting.

  4. If you look at a new map of territory occupied by Islam today it is larger than it was in he 1400’s at its peak back then. They now control territory in most every country in Europe and every State in the US. Every mosque is sovereign territory for them and the neighborhoods they create to live in as well. They will never assimilate. The vast majority will play make believe with us and in the end when the time comes turn their backs on us in favor of the Jihad.

    • Chhelo,

      There are some 70+ nations, regions and peoples specifically named in Old and New Testament prophecy relating to the end times battles that Israel will fight. Today, ALL of them are Muslim.

      When people actually read the Islamic holly books, they will find that it is the ANTITHESIS of the Judea/Christian faith.

      Others will disagree, but I see a direct connection here…

  5. I wish I could agree with the author, but I can’t. Yes, we are at war, but not with “radical” Islam. We are at war with ISLAM — PERIOD! This author needs to get a REAL education. He is showing too much residual indoctrination when he says that the Qur’an is not part of the problem. It most certainly IS the problem — as are the Hadith. Unless and until the Western world understands this, we WILL loose this battle.

    • I disagree. Many of these folks can’t even read, so they are being led like sheep with a nutty-assed imam as their shepherd. Think on this: Were the USA to have uneducated people being spoon-fed the OT from the Bible, how do you think that would play out? We can blame many factors for an individual’s actions, but in the end, do you not believe that it was the invidual who made the choice?

      • Kells,

        There is nothing in the actual text of the Bible that tells people they must convert everyone on earth, force them into subjugation or kill them in order to show they are faithful to Yahweh. Yet, this is exactly what Muhammad told Muslims Allah commands.

        Now, people can “interpret” the texts as they wish. If you pervert the Bible, you can get violence, but you cannot get peace from the Qur’an and Hadith unless you “interpret” it in that way, in which case, Muhammad has said you are a heretic. Again, this is NOT me: it is the plain language of the Qur’an and is supported by Muhammad’s example.

        Finally, as many times as I have said this, it seems I must keep saying it. I am not attacking individual people but the structure of the documents that make the religion.

        You know, maybe I should join the Progressives and attack the right for not seeing that all the Left is doing is “interpreting” the Constitution, which means their way is as good as the founders — just as long as they show they have good hearts. And who could have a better heart than someone who just wants to take care of the poor, sick and elderly? After all, the right is going against the Bible by trying to hold on to their money and fighting against the Left who is just trying to follow scripture, right?

        [Now, before anyone attacks what I just said, you best think about what I just said — long and hard — because the analogy most certainly DOES hold! It is dead-on equivalent.]

      • Kells, I have answered that question to the point where it should be part of your mental picture of me: IT IS ALWAYS THE INDIVIDUAL WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS/HER ACTIONS!

        Did I answer it that time?

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