Herd Mentality

Ace shows how the Democrat Media Complex issues and receives their marching orders:

Apparently we’re allowed to discuss the Obama Administration’s scandals only if we stick to the Approved DNC Playbook of pretending this was all done by a few bad-apple rogue operatives, a couple of front-line low-level employees.

Jay Carney lies to the press and the nation every day; Darryl Issa calls him a liar. Who’s to say which is worse?

In the last post I noted it’s a standard political play for politicians to plant a story in the press, and then turn to the American people and say “Look at what the independent, objective press is saying!”

And so: On Friday, the DNC press secretary issued this missive:


To: Interested Parties
From: Michael Czin, DNC National Press Secretary
Date: May 31, 2013
Subj: The Month of GOP Overreach

Blocking the President’s policies for purely political reasons has always been the top priority of Congressional Republicans, but in the last month they’ve really pushed the envelope – even for them. There’s one word that best describes the GOP’s efforts in May: overreach.

Emphasis in original — and then the same word, “overreach,” is hypnotically bolded in subsequent mentions in the document. Mostly they cite the media’s concern trolling that the RNCmay overreach… in the future.

But now the DNC says that the RNC has overreached, and lo! What lovely fruits blossom from this fecund seed:

This is a perfect example of how political leaders get things done without getting their hands dirty.

Let’s say, for example, that there is a meeting at the White House in 2010 attended by Obama, Jay “The Carnival Barker” Carney the White House Legal Counsel at the time, Robert Bauer (Mao admirer, Anita Dunn’s husband), Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder, Lois Lerner and a host of Democratic political operatives.

Lerner says, “Wow, since the Obamacare votes in the Congress, we are just overwhelmed by all these Tea Party applications, so many that we can’t keep up.”

Holder says, “Well, Lois, we simply must make sure that these are all rigorously reviewed for compliance in light of the Citizen’s United SCOTUS decision. We need to ask a lot of questions to be sure they comply.”

Lerner says, “The Tea Party applications are running 5 or 6 to 1 over the progressive group requests.”

Carney says, “I suppose you should deal with the smaller progressive groups first, we wouldn’t want them to have to wait just because all these Tea Party loons are swamping you. It wouldn’t be fair to make them wait.”

Bauer says, “But that might delay the approval of these Tea Party applications…”

Obama says, “We simply must be thorough and follow the law – whatever it takes.”

And that’s how you approve of something without approving it.

I’m just sayin’.

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