FIRE WARFARE – This is major crime running unchecked.

Terrorist are the cause of huge fires in the west…


UNREAL!!!! the likely cause of the 346 homes lost in the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs……..

and now 510 homes in Black Forest at Monument, 12 miles north of Colorado Springs,

Hope you will see fit to listen to this….It’s downright scary!

This is very interesting and worth the time to hear.

FIRE WARFARE – This is major crime running unchecked.

This is why they waited so long to tell us what started the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado.

The public still has not been told what was used to start the fire.

4 thoughts on “FIRE WARFARE – This is major crime running unchecked.

  1. This can’t be! NO- NO – NO -NO!!! It’s GLOBAL WARMING…er…uh…CLIMATE CHANGE… I…uh… well…That uh mini ice age thingy…..There’s just way too much CO2 in the atmosphere , and that’s causing spontaneous combustion……
    uh Mr. Gore….tell them…..


  2. Terrorists that came through our Southern border. Terrorists whose prayer rugs have been found on the property of Arizona ranchers. Terrorists who are working in conjunction with powerful drug cartels (who are backed by the CIA and DEA). Terrorists who continue to pass into our country unchecked, because this administration refuses to accept that this is actually an issue. Their worshippers see this as jingoistic nationalist white racist Republicans who just want to wall themselves off from the rest of the world…

  3. It’s plausible, but it is also likely that someone didn’t watch Smokey’s commercial. I do find it interesting that he states the monetary losses to the govt. ($15 million) and then states the solution which boils down to more govt. involvement (multi-aircraft) and significantly more money. Perhaps CO should mimic lil ole Bay Co. and do a planned burn as a preventative measure.

  4. If this is true, we Americans have to take responsibility for our own demise. We are too complacent and too busy to put pressure on our leaders to act and who is playing this down if it is true???? Media???? How did these terrorists get into our
    country??? Southern border or northern border??? When are these dumb leaders going to act to secure our borders???

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