What’s so great about America?

D’Souza vs. Ayers at Dartmouth

30 January 2014

This is learning.  Actively listen. Consider if both Ayers and D’Souza are being honest or misrepresenting truth?

Evaluate the difference in their points of view.


Chicago tops Ayers list.  What is Chicago’s reputation? Notice how expert Ayers is at interweaving “collective authority” and “democracy” and “social justice” and “greater fairness”. (I explain Fairness by its very definition is always unfair to one side.)  Notice the polished way Ayers practices “critical theory.”


Still sees America from the inside and from the outside.  America is terrible?  Compared to what?  A utopian idea like the “Garden of Eden?”  Wealth Creation is the great invention of America.  Historically, wealth was obtained by theft.  The American idea is you can create something out of nothing.  You can create wealth.  Which is better?  Inherited wealth or earned money?  The founders idea, wealth creation.  Made in America intended for global export.  One right included in the Constitution prior to the Bill of Rights; patents, technology, and invention.  The not so smart, not so hard working, have a nice life.  I just want to move to a country where the poor people are fat.  Mass prosperity.  What America really offers/the beauty of America; it offers you the chance to write the script of your own life.  Is Dartmouth living out the dream of early Karl Marx?…. Where does a “Dartmouth” come from?  What is happening to the American dream?  Is it beginning to be shrunken?  Are we losing the American dream?  Other countries are growing at 5x’s the rate of America.  What is the advantage of “backwardness”?  The American dream has now become the global dream.  What has delivered the goods for people?  Is not ultimately social agitation.  Not dividing up the pie.  It’s “making the pie”.  Taking sand and turning it into silicone.  American foreign policy has on the whole made the world better.  What would have been the outcome of WWI, WWII, or the “cold war” if their had never been America?  Is self-interest truly bad?  American power has ultimately been a boon for the world.  The idea of wealth creation as an alternative to conquest.  The rest of the world still does conquest.  Why don’t we own their real estate.  Trade with us and don’t bomb us.  Take the global perspective.  Sometimes we have to face the truth about ourself, no matter how pleasant it actually is.

13 thoughts on “What’s so great about America?

  1. Okay. I watched their opening statements……all 45 minutes!! 😯 I didn’t realize Ayers was a flamer….I don’t care, it’s just interesting. He was horrible; kept his head buried in his notes. Dinesh seemed very nervous with all the pacing and water breaks, but he was by far the winner of their opening spiels in the first round. Bonus: He reminds me of Rowan Adkinson. I tell you, I watched his show last night, and it was very good! (I seem to be behind on the times for watching it so late….)

      • Very Good Find Texas.!!

        I didn’t see Dinesh as anything but enthusiastic….not nervous at all. He was just like he always is speaking.

        Profound Differences
        …… Dinesh says it all here……”America offers the ability for you to write the Script of your own Life.”
        How Powerful is That !!!…… And in so far as effecting society in Profound and positive ways the “Life Scripts” of People like Ford, J D Rockefeller, Brian Josephson and Steve Jobs/Wozniac to name but just a FEW have affected countless millions in their ability to augment their own efforst to have properous and successful lives!

        Ayers on the other hand trumpets guilt via his phrase “citizenship responsibilities” while completely unmentioned is his own multi-million dollar inheretance because of family wealth…..in typical Leftist Progressive hypocrite fashion ignoring that veery wealth being sourced by Capilaism and the Freedom allowed by the American Republic.

        He used a phrase repeatedly ( propganda technique )….. “Democracy….Liberty….Justice”… ( by which he says “social Justice”. The words and especially the choice of Juxtapostition of the words with Liberty Bookended by “Democracy” ( Socialism-Mob rule) and Justice ( social Justice) is intentional………… Liberty thus explained is granted by the State….it is Given or TAKEN by the State at the State’s choosing.

        (1) “The ability for EVERYONE to freely write the Script of their own Life ! “…….. Versus
        (2) “Socialist (Democracy)….defining what liberties they will allow……based on Social Justice, party defined by how well you perform your “Citizenship responsibilities”.

        Dinesh D’Souza wins hands down…….. Ayers isn’t even on the same field.

        • No he’s not. Bernardine Dorn is his Commie Murdering Babe of Choice for decades now! .

          She’s a “fellow Travelor” and fellow terrorist bombing American sites along with him…… Read what David Horowitz has reported that the Women of Weather Undrground said about how Ayers and other male members treated them…..like throw-away pieces of meat. Completely disrespectful….as you’d expect a Marxist to be towards anyone but them.

            • They been Hitched at their Commie-Hips for 4 Decades……no need For Bill “the Bomber” Ayers to Hide Fay Frolick in today’s Obama’s America…..in fact he would be welcomed as a Hero to the Cause if he outed…… question is will he out his Protege.

                • Kells…..Doll………. I lived in the Castro for a time where there were “kweens” of all ages, shapes and colors …. the only ‘splanning needed here is why you feel the need to define Domestic terrorist Ayers as “the Fairie Qween”….

                  Oh that’s right UR gaydar is our “quide”….. perhaps I have miised the memo where you “transgendered”….by all accounts it is quite the rage at the moment.

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