Love and Fidel-ity

I have developed a law regarding progressives. Call it the Smith Law of Diminishing Progressive Intelligence. It states:
If a liberal hasn’t said something illogical, self-contradictory, physically or financially impossible, historically inaccurate or just outright stupid, you just haven’t listened to them long enough,
Have patience and wait, they will eventually hang themselves if you give them enough rope. Just keep them talking. Evidence of intellect is inversely proportional to the length of the conversation.
In the afterglow of the death of the Hero of Cuba (that is sarcasm), the progs are coming out of the woodwork. Its hard to top Prime Minister Justin “Boy Band” Trudeau or EU President, Jean-Claude Juncker but Steven Hayward at Poaerline found one over at The Nation who set a new standard for moral turpitude.
Here are a few of the paeans to Jefe Fidel flowing from the pen of Greg Grandin:
“Castro was a famous optimist and an irrepressible strategist…”
“When asked by his family’s illiterate cook, a “fire-breathing Republican,” for news of the war, the 9-year old read him stories that played up loyalist success because he wanted to make him “feel better.” Thus Castro’s very first act of censorship was done in kindness.”
“In all his goodness and badness, Castro was a full man of the Enlightenment.”
Plus this – that Castro was not a communist at all, he was an individualist! Who knew?
“The list is long, and over the decades the defense of the Cuban state has been, for many, deeply dehumanizing. And since Castro himself has repeatedly emphasized the importance of the individual in history—a “man’s personality can become an objective factor,” he once said—he will be held to account for the high cost involved in the revolution’s survival. And the most damning criticism leveled at the Cuban Revolution is not that it is repressive but that its repression was for naught, with all the old problems that plagued Cuba prior to the revolution having returned, including sex tourism, race-based economic inequality, and corruption—problems that will worsen if rapprochement is allowed to proceed.”
Castro’s communist state couldn’t overcome “sex tourism, race-based economic inequality, and corruption” but any contact with capitalism will just make it worse, so stop wishing for freedom for the Cuban people because it will just spoil the Worker’s Paradise that is Cuba now.
Anyway, I won’t link the story because I refuse to give such a rag any more traffic than necessary – but I will point out that the longer the conversation continues, the more we learn about how deeply some in America are invested in a communist ideal they barely understand. As proof, I will link to a Tom Friedman piece from September of 2009 where the failed theater critic longs for Generalissimo Obama to have the same dictatorial powers as the strongmen in China.
If you keep them talking long enough, they will tell you who they are.

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