LAWLESSNESS: 9th Circuit Ruling on Trump Travel ban is an Open Display of Lawlessness

I’ve been blogging for about seven years know, and the law has been one of my primary focal points.  However, since I am not a lawyer, and I do not hold any type of formal law degree, I am often challenged by those who believe the courts can do no wrong.  Well, one does not need to have any type of law degree to know that our courts are lawless.  One only need understand the basic theory of law and logic to see it, and this recent ruling by the 9th Court of Appeals is absolute proof that this court is beyond repair and needs to be dissolved.

BREAKING: 9th Circuit Court rules against Trump’s travel ban

This court claimed that Trump’s ban violates the ‘due process’ clause.  Well, no!  You see, that clause applies to U.S. citizens, and the people Trump is trying to keep out of this country are not U.S. citizens.  How do we know this is true?  Because a U.S. citizen would not need to get a VISA, they would already have a U.S. passport.  And how do we know this clause does not apply to non-citizens?  Because the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is not in Iran telling the Mullahs that they cannot execute homosexuals without due process; or stone women accused of adultery without due process.  You see, if this clause applies to non-citizens still in another country simply because they want to enter the United States, then it applies to these people who are being killed by their governments.  And if you doubt that, just ask them as they are about to be executed if they would rather come to the U.S.  What do you think they would say?  So why isn’t the 9th Circuit Court going after the Mullahs, the Chinese, Putin and North Korea?  Because the Constitution does not apply to aliens — and the court knows it!

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8 thoughts on “LAWLESSNESS: 9th Circuit Ruling on Trump Travel ban is an Open Display of Lawlessness

  1. Ever met a liberal/socialist/progressive who cared what the law says? 9th black robes believe the law is what they say it is. All libs have a “time honored” duty to disobey laws they don’t like.

  2. From what have read, these judges are not even ruling on the law. They’re throwing in a bunch of extraneous issues. Which is fine if you want to be sure things are well thought out when you are creating legislation but this is not their job. The travel ban is legal but these black robed eejits don’t even talk about that. Good gad! Trump chose the countries that Wannabeking Barry used, probably thinking this should have been palatable even to the leftists and he could change it later when more info comes in. I haven’t seen this much concern over the American homeless. Why bestow constitutional rights on the whole world? I favor a complete ban on anyone who follows Sharia Law coming over here. Who would they want to, anyway if we’re so awful?

    • What about those “good muslims” who are already here…..may even born here…..who believe Sharia should be an option for them ? Or further those that believe Sharia should be over the Constitution such as the significant majority muslims in Dearborn Michigan who profess to feel this way.

      And I would also add the caveat that there are a sizeable “silent” group of American muslims who agree but choose to stay silent. They engage in Kitman, Muruna, Tawriya and/or Taggiyah…..or combinations thereof.

      I ask this because as sure as the Sun rises, we will have to deal with this eventually.

      • Don,

        They should be deported or jailed. Shari’a is a Fascist system of govt. masquerading as a religion. It is — by definition — subversive toward and at war with the U.S. Constitution. Not only do we have laws against this, the Constitution, itself, demands these people be treated as internal revolutionaries.

        But then, this only applies to those who care about the rule of law…

        • Hey…. Check out the Video from a Marine now in Iraq I just posted on Utah’s ” Stupid….but Constitutional” Post !!

    • ” I favor a complete ban on anyone who follows Sharia Law coming over here.”

      Actually, the Constitution DEMANDS that we do this, as anyone seeking to follow Shari’a law is — by definition — at war with the U.S. Constitution.

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