POINTS TO PONDER: Does the Progressive Agenda Violate the ‘Separations Clause?’


Have you seen this story?

California High School Teacher On Leave After Questioning School Shooting Walkout

First, let’s agree to something: let’s set aside the fact that there is no ‘separations clause’ in the U.S. Constitution (not with regard to Church and State, anyway).  Let’s also set aside the argument over whether or not abortion is a ‘Constitutional right.’  Let’s agree to set all of this aside so we can focus on the blatant contradiction that has crept into all levels of our national and State governments (as well as a large part of our other social institutions).

The first thing we have to do is understand that it is usually easier to just take things on face value rather than to expend the time and energy necessary to dig down deep enough into an issue to discover what is actually at its foundation.  Unfortunately, taking…

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