PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: An Attack on the Social Contract is Defined as Subversion


In an earlier post, I explained the legal procedure for changing or replacing our current form of government.  As the Constitution is actually law, any person, group of persons or organizations which attempt to change, alter or get around the Constitution without going through the described process for changing it are guilty of committing the act of subversion.  Subversion is an attack on the Social Contract and, therefore, an attack on the States as well as the People of the United States.   Should anyone or any organization commit subversion, the People would be well within their rights to demand that the Federal government take the necessary steps to end what is — essentially — an act of treason.  How do I get to this conclusion?  By using simple logic.  I read the Constitution and then apply the plain meaning of words to the actions of those persons and/or…

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