LESSONS IN LOGIC: About the Left’s Claim that Capitalism Is/Has Failed


If you listen, you will hear people on the Left constantly complaining about how our system is broken and that this is ‘proof’ that Capitalism does not work.  Well, I have a different understanding of what most people mean when they say ‘Capitalism,’ but we’ll set that aside for the moment and assume the Left means the ‘free market’ does not work.  If this is the case — and I’m pretty sure this is what they really mean — then the Left has one itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny little problem with their claim:


Yes, you read that correctly.  What’s more, it is 100% absolutely, positively and totally undeniably correct!  In other words, it is a fact and cannot be argued with — at least, not by sane, rational people who understand the rules of logic, especially the role played by ‘definitions’ within the system of…

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