Four Horsepersons

The Four Horsepersons of the RINO Apocalypse, Romney, Toomey, Sasse, Murkowski – all are Republican senators who are accusing Hawley, Cruz and company of “destroying democracy” and “embarrassing America” as they “try to overturn a legitimate election”.

Nice to know who our real friends are because not a single one has expressed a desire to just seat a president they prefer. Every single one of them has asked that we LOOK at what happened and then let the chips fall where they may. It is a shame that so many in government, including the majority of Democrats who cried for four years that Trump won illegitimately in 2016, don’t even want to look.

Murkowski’s comment that “The courts and state legislatures have all honored their duty to hear legal allegations and have found nothing to warrant overturning the results” is a laughable lie – not because there is no evidence but she knows as well as I do that the courts have NOT heard the evidence because they refused to move the cases forward.

Romney, Toomey, Sasse, Murkowski are all advancing the theory that the guy who broke into your house and was arrested wearing your Rolex said he didn’t do it, so end of story. He certified that he didn’t take your watch and you weren’t home to see him do it, so who can say why he is wearing it? Certainly not you. Maybe you lost it and forgot. Who can say?

This election has the same feel as a murder case that gets prosecuted without a body. The accused has motive and opportunity, no alibi but has done such a good job of making the body disappear, that the prosecution has an impossible task in making the case.

But law enforcement doesn’t stop investigating or prosecuting because it is too hard. Circumstantial cases are built and won based on an evidentiary basis that eliminates all other credible possibilities. It’s up to the prosecutors to show through a set of circumstances that their theory of what took place is the only logical deduction—that the circumstances can be explained by no other possible theory.

Is it possible that in states where millions of unsolicited ballots were mailed out that some, potentially significant percentage that were returned were fraudulent? Of course it is.

Is it possible that statistically improbable vote tallies produced in the dead of night and that exceeded the capacity of the available counting machines were not valid? Of course it is.

Is it possible that Fulton County, Georgia vote tallies were “seeded” with mystery ballots from a case or two hidden under tables and counted AFTER observers left for the night? Of course it is.

Is it possible that “misplaced” ballots that mysteriously turn up days and weeks after election day has passed were manufactured are bogus? Of course it is.

Is it possible that Trump allies getting banned from social media at critical times or for “violations of community standards” weren’t “accidents” or real violations? Of course it is.

As I have said many times since November 3rd, I do not have conclusive evidence that there was election fraud – the problem is that I do not have conclusive evidence there wasn’t. I think I speak for around 70 million voters who, like me, have taken the decision that none of these situations have been seriously considered- much less conclusively addressed. Right up until the votes were being counted, the Democrats were screaming that Trump had done nothing to protect the integrity of the election process and if he won, it was illegitimate.

Now, there was no fraud, no interference, no problem with social media banning and deplatforming Trump supporters.


Their guy allegedly won.

And the go along to get along GOP Senators got rid of a president they hated – because he didn’t want to go along. We’re supposed to be good little proles and suck it up and let the big boys who know better move on.

The courts may not have a constitutional dog in the election fraud hunt, but Congress sure does – and these Four Horsepersons of the RINO Apocalypse (and others) are trying their damnedest to avoid that fact.

Congress has become a parasitic appendage to government, a blood sucking remora attached to the soft underbelly of America. Somehow, they have come to believe that their job is to avoid controversy (especially the Republican members), that conflict and debate is bad and to call out other members for their malfeasance and hypocrisy is not the cool thing to do. Their idea of “protecting and defending the Constitution” is tamping down any challenge to their authority while literally outsourcing their duties and responsibilities to lobbyists, staffers, regulatory agencies and the judiciary.

The House and Senate have made themselves the enemy of the people, no matter the party in control. They know nothing and do nothing. They view their ascension to Congress as simply a sinecure on par with that which Burisma bestowed upon Dementia Joe’s wayward spawn – that’s why the Executive and Judicial branches have come to be so critically important and have been politicized to the extremes.

My support is behind Hawley, Cruz and the nine other GOP Senators who are at least willing to take up the fight.

One thought on “Four Horsepersons

  1. Is it possible that what you have alluded to in this posting is true? Of course it is.
    Is this a sign that America might have a real uprising, not riots and looting, but at least an attempt to force the government to actually obey, live and rule by the Constitution of the United States of America. Of course it is.

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