The Great Othering

Four years of gaslighting, Potemkin villages and “othering”. That is what we can expect.

That’s what the Democrats and their wholly owned subsidiaries, the mass and social media, in cooperation with their allies in the oligarchy have planned for America.

They plan to manipulate America into thinking we have a mental illness by dimming the gas-fueled lights and telling us we are hallucinating. To aid this process, fake, portable, Hollywood quality facades will be constructed to support the gaslighting process and to hide the decay behind them.
Truth is whatever they say it is. Never mind your lying eyes and ears.

Actually, the “truth” is an old communist concept of the “revolutionary truth”, that set of words designed to advance the revolution. There is no objective truth, something is only true if it serves to advance the revolution.

We do have a problem in America and it doesn’t end with the number of fraudulent ballots counted in Pennsylvania. Even if we believe illegal votes were counted or tallies were shifted from Trump to Biden, the problem is the 70 million people who voted for a Democrat presidential candidate who ran on the policy theme of half of America being evil gun-toting racists, the KKK on steroids and meth.

In a remarkable (and successful) psychological operation they convinced these voters that while their white neighbor or friend wasn’t a malignant racist, their neighbor’s neighbor or their friend’s friend was, and if they supported President Trump, it was game over.

It was a remarkable application of “othering”.

Othering is a psychological phenomenon where a person or group is convinced the problem is not them or anyone in their group, it is the “other” person or group who is the issue, that the “others” do not fit within the norms of a social group. “Othering” also involves attributing negative characteristics to people or groups that differentiate them from the perceived normative (or approved) social group.
The process of “othering” is a way of negating another person’s individual humanity and, consequently, those that are have been “othered” are seen as less human (or evil) , and therefore less worthy of dignity, respect, tolerance or relevance.

The paradox being, of course, is that every person is the “other” person to someone else. You are always someone else’s “other”.

“Othering” is essentially a form of circular reasoning where the premise affirms the conclusion and the conclusion affirms the premise – If “A” then “B” and if “B” then “A”.

An example would be how the Democrats and media claim Trump supporters are racists because only racists support Trump.

When you combine the gaslighting, Potemkin villages and “othering”, you get sort of an evil version of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” where people are encouraged to find links to the evil racists or bigots (or Trump supporters), no matter what suppositions must be made or how tenuous the links.

The Democrats are masters at this – and bolstered by their allies in the mass and social media, they are busy building the Potemkin villages to prove it.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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