Intellectual Agoraphobia

Suspicious adult woman looking outside home window from behind Venetian curtains. Concept photo of person that have Pistanthrophobia and Agoraphobia, a person who don’t trust fear of leaving the house.

As several states begin to fully open up, we are beginning to hear from people, almost uniformly on the left, who do not want the lockdowns to end.

Taylor Lorenz of the New York Times, lately in Tucker Carlson’s crosshairs, tweeted, “The thought of going back to my old routine horrifies me.” Emily Ramshaw, another Twitter blue check journalist, tweeted, “Suddenly, today, I panicked about life inching back toward ‘normal’.”

Teachers Unions are simply fine with teachers not giving in-person instruction.

We know President Basement Joe is quite comfortable in the White House bunker.

Locking the nation down takes many forms. There is the physical form where businesses and schools are closed, people are denied the ability to move about and participate in events (like church and school). There are also many kinds of virtual lockdowns, those including bans on social media, the press ignoring/not reporting on certain events and lying about others, the de-platforming of conservative entities in the various forms of media and restrictions on academic, scientific, and political speech.

Critical Race Theory and wokeism are also examples of lockdowns. CRT an example of racial lockdowns, the based upon the idea that all white people are evil and should not be allowed to think, say, or do their evil voodoo of pallor. Wokeism is the mental version of lockdown, replacing words and phrases that cannot be spoken in public with ridiculous narratives and mantras that do not “offend”.

Seems to me to be a national case of agoraphobia.

The Mayo Clinic defines agoraphobia as “… a type of anxiety disorder in which you fear and avoid places or situations that might cause you to panic and make you feel trapped, helpless or embarrassed.”

Like agoraphobia, in every case, the very flexible tenets of wokeism are employed to avoid places, situations and ideas that cause the left to panic and make them feel trapped, helpless, or embarrassed.

The contemporary American left are intellectual agoraphobics and they have also found ways to weaponize agoraphobia by transforming it into a communicable disease, a bioweapon of sorts. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of the contemporary left was finding ways to force you to participate in their delusions, to cause you to mimic the symptoms of their disease.

The left benefits from the physical and mental lockdowns in the form of intellectual restrictions, limitations, and captivity. They want you to fear going outside, living your life, and experiencing things. They want to be able to keep you isolated. Through the isolation of lockdowns, the flow of information can also be controlled. Agoraphobics are limited to the information they receive in their homes through a limited number of channels.

In the same way an agoraphobic is trapped inside their home, the left is using the pandemic responses to trap people inside their own minds.

2 thoughts on “Intellectual Agoraphobia

    • The “Agoraphobia” is nothing but people,like me who have been reading since 1950.
      I read — I don’t do Social Bovine crap. I find interesting reads by reading interesting discussions.
      Just kook for interesting discussions

      After all, I found Rio Norte without anything other than reading about 600+ pages of Dagny Taggart.

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