The Pander Bear

The Pander Bear

I’m laughing so hard right now that I can barely type…James Taranto on his Best of the Web column at has the best headline that I have read on Obama’s transformation from “progressive” messiah to a big hairy panderer with all the guts of a child’s stuffed animal – I guess you could call him a big ole Pander Bear…

Behold the majesty that is James Taranto:

Why Obama Flipped

Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat has two mommies.

Read it all – but here is the dénouement:

If the electoral repudiation of the first black president is widely understood to have resulted from his being pressured to adopt a position the vast majority of blacks find repugnant, perhaps that will be the means by which the half-century-old bond between black America and the Democratic Party is dissolved.

If you don’t have Taranto’s page bookmarked – what the Hell is wrong with you!? What are you waiting for…an invitation?

Well, you have one now. Polite people RSVP.

There is also a Best of the Web page on Facebook here:

4 thoughts on “The Pander Bear

  1. I did not find this funny. I think you silly boys are missing a very key ingredient, which Mr. Taranto glistened over. I am speaking of the black vote. I would love for Wills to put in his two cents, because quite frankly, I think that libs, young people, black people and now gays, relate to this man,

    Do you believe that gay marriage will cause them to break on through to the other side?

  2. B is right. There are several articles that say that this will NOT make a difference in Obama’s support in the black community but…does that mean that black voters are willing to set aside their values to vote for Obama? At 62%, it would seem that opposition to gay marriage is a core value of the majority. And if so, does this mean that 1) they are voting for him to continue the welfare state that disproportionately benefits blacks (they may say that they aren’t but remember that this is the basis for charges of racism against the Tea Party – can’t have it both ways) and/or 2) because he is black? Either puts that block in a very tough spot. A choice between cynicism and racism isn’t much of a choice.

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