The “Real” Obama: Exposing the Myths

If you do not like or refuse to listen to or consider anything Glenn Beck produces, you are going to remain in ignorance about many, many important events happening in our world today.  Like him or hate him, the man is trying his best to do what the media once did for us: real journalism.  This time, he has started to expose what we honestly know and can verify about Obama and his background.  Want to know who the man really is?  Watch the clip in this story:


Do You Know Anybody Like Obama? Beck’s Latest Exposé Could Go Down in History

Thursday evening‘s episode of the Glenn Beck Program will likely go down in the history books as one of the very few recorded instances of another human being exposing President Obama’s myriad personal and professional inconsistencies in such a detailed and profound way. In fact, viewers might even consider burning themselves a DVD copy to serve as a record of what historians will one day prove.

4 thoughts on “The “Real” Obama: Exposing the Myths

  1. I think the guy would be taken more seriously if he didn’t go off the deep end. For instance, in that link there was another video of Obama reading Where the Wild Things Are. I thought what they wrote before and after the clip was ludicrous. God forbid GB watch and listen to me read to children. I’m sure he would say I was possessed.

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