93 thoughts on “The Haq is Back!

  1. I do not share Rezwan Haq’s ideologies, but I did enjoy his letters. I wonder, though, if we would stand up for someone from the other side of the aisle. The ACLU seem to have an agenda. (No worries; the Lutherans are on it! 😉 )

  2. What were the requirements? Being a plagiarizer and accusing his opposition of being pedophiles?

    Because he has been proven to be the first and he openly accused me of being the second.

    His last little piece in the News Herald was nothing more than a regurgitation of DNC talking points – the kid hasn’t had an original idea or written anything that wasn’t simply a repetition of something somebody else said in the 4 years that I have known him.

    Rez and the ACLU are a match made in commie heaven. These mind-numbed robots like Rez are exactly the kind of people the ACLU values.

      • Easy thing for you to say, Greg. How much unrestrained endearment would someone suffer at your hands if they called you a pedophile?

        Be sure not to get a nose bleed up there on that high horse.

            • HD,

              Greg is lying. He knows full well what happened because he was one of the people trying to convince me NOT to press charges.

              I believe I may still have the file where I saved the entire comment exchange off the NH and gave them to the BCSO. Either way, you can also find them in the public record of the case, if you care to go remind yourself, Greg 🙂

              • Pretty quick to call someone a liar, aren’t you? The fact is B, I never believed that a 17-year old made any kind of threat towards you. And I certainly believe that you never felt your self to be in any danger. But maybe my memory is faulty, maybe you have the proof, so show it, and stop being such a whiner.

                • Greg is now defending a kid who called Utah a pedophile and who threatened me, my wife and my children.

                  I suppose you also forgot he published my name and address on the forum, didn’t you?

                  Funny how many former NH members are telling you they remember all of this, so I don’t have to “prove it,” I’ve already been corroborated.

                  You lose — again!

          • Utah writes:
            “What were the requirements? Being a plagiarizer and accusing his opposition of being pedophiles?

            Because he has been proven to be the first and he openly accused me of being the second.”

            Greg retorts:
            “I’d like to see that quote wherein this charge is made. It sounds a little like B’s contention that Rez threatened his family, which is BS.”

            Oh stop being a pussy Greg. If your going to call Utah a liar, just do it.

            • Augger, you remind me of the high school bully’s punk friend, using your proximity to him and his protection to provoke fights.

              People are always calling for attribs and quotes in here, you have done so. I did not take offense, but then again, I am a grown-up.

              • Spin it Greg, spin it.

                In fact, apply some common fucking sense for once. Unless you are a dolt, or have Alzheimer’s, you would certainly remember someone charging you publicly as a pedophile. And frankly, if you were a grown-up, you would have had enough tact and cooth to just have accepted what Utah wrote.

                But not you, Greg. You have your spin to protect, and you would sell out your own morality to do so.

                So like I said before man, grow a pair and just call the man a liar. And if you are incapable of doing so … I suggest you recant your charge.

                  • The by all means, Greg. Invite Rez here to defend the charge, or admit to it. That would be the best example of both sides, right? Fact remains, as it stands … you’ve insulted the man’s integrity, and brush it off as “Utah is a font to me.”

                    Now that’s weak, my friend.

                    But in the spirit of playing along with your second syllogism of the day, I will respond with …

                    It’s frankly pitiful that just an inanimate font can raise such emotion inside of you.

          • Greg,

            Rez was almost charged for that threat. He DID receive unwanted attention from the law over that because the law decided he had made a threat. This is why I received an apology and several messages from him BEGGING me to NOT press charges — which I didn’t, but ONLY because a close friend and highly respected community member in law enforcement told me the kid was wetting his pants over the ramifications of his big mouth.

            You, sir, have as much trouble with the truth as Obama.

              • I don’t have to prove snot to you. I was the one who swore out and signed the complaint. I was the one who was called by his school principle. I was the one contacted by a member of law enforcement asking me to re-consider ruining the kid’s life over “youthful indiscretion.”

                What’s more, if you’ll get off your lazy ass for a change, you can find ALL of this in the public record — BECAUSE THE LEGAL ACTION WAS REAL! There’s a real case file and everything, Greg.

      • Haq is a hack, Greg. What’s more, YOU KNOW IT! You were on the NH forum when it was proven he had plagiarized one of his pieces. I believe you were also there when it was shown — several times — that he had done the same thing in his comments on that forum.

        For you to comment now in such a way that either directly supports Haq or indirectly defends him by maligning Utah is to align yourself with his plagiarism — because you defend him with full knowledge that the accusations are true and correct.

        But then, the truth can’t be allowed to get in the way of ideology and agenda, can it?

        • Read carefully, B, I made no comment on the plagiarism, because it was proven to be fact, As to the pedophile claim, Rez denies it. So let’s see what was said.

          • I read the comment where he called Utah a pedophile. In fact, he called several people pedophiles around that time — under several different screen names.

            You have a selective memory, Greg. Last I knew, you didn’t even acknowledge his multiple screen names, so why would you admit to knowing worse?

          • So you accept the word of a plagiarist who nearly went to jail for making threatening comments on a public forum?

            Tells people a lot about your judgment and credibility, Greg.

            • go regurgitate some more Beckish rumors, B, and get back to me.

              I want to see some proof of this BS, B. You and Utah are afraid to show me what was written, and my guess is that it is because the truth is not what either of you say.

              • You know what Greg? You are a either a damn liar or have the worst memory in the history of mankind. Rezzy shares your affliction because he dropped me a message on FaceBook saying he didn’t recall it either.

                But it is sort of like being called a racist in public for the first time, when it happens to you, it is pretty easy to remember it happening.

                I can’t provide the proof now that the NH switched to FaceBook for comments and erased the history. I kept a screen cap for a long time until I decided that Rez’s comments about me “liking little boys” was just youthful stupidity and deleted them. I flagged his remarks as offensive on the comment system then, nothing was done, so I dropped it.

                There were a couple of days of discourse about how things like that tend to hang around on the Internet and how he should carefully consider his words before he hit the “enter” button. I’m sure that there are several people who remember, just as there are those who remember your allegation that I plagiarized material and me subsequently proving you wrong. That discussion is gone now, too…so maybe it didn’t really happen either?

                I don’t make unsubstantiated charges about things like that and for you to imply that I would lie because I disagree with someone politically is offensive. I’ve written on the NH site for 4 years and here for 2 and I challenge you to come up with one example where I have said something even remotely equivalent to accusing someone of committing such a criminal act.

                Lying is a repetitive character flaw, so if I am a liar, it would follow that I have lied about other things. So it shouldn’t be too hard to find since you have 4-5 years of public information to sift through.

                But since you are wrong about so many things, I guess this should be no exception.

                • There were a couple of days of discourse about how things like that tend to hang around on the Internet– so stop bringing it up!

                  I asked for some sort of context, as you and the others in here are humor-challenged. I want to see if he was actually using the words, or a la the ‘apology’ tour’, you are hyperbolizing.

                  And technically, you did plagiarize, Utah, but it was not intended to make you look like the writer, it was a failure to attribute after using the same source three times, and you explained it, and it was over. But Your remembrance of events being different than mine does not make either one of us a liar.

              • g – I think the question of who Rez threatened and called a pedofile have pretty much been answered this morning and utah and black weren’t the only ones he blasted, but what is funny to me is that you are perfectly satisfied with the fact that his letters were plagiarized and not his own, and chalk his indescretions up to youth. Rez puts his big-boy undies on everytime he writes one of his infamous letters to the NH. The NH sucked it up like a fine wine, and they still do, even after they kicked him off more than once. For the ACLU to give this poseur an award just proves to me how screwed up the ACLU really is. But, the long and short of it is that you still communicate with him and defend him, just like you did on the NH. Go figure.

                • Actually, no, my questions were not answered; not with facts or proof, anyway.
                  And with the amount of word-meaning changes in this room (such as the “apology tour’, where Obama did no apologizing, and the indiscriminate use of fascist, communist, and socialist. I have trouble taking either B or Utah’s word on anything anymore..

  3. Let’s see……………. the ACLU gives a Leadership Award to someone that has NEVER led anything in his short life…………kinda reminds me of when a POTUS was given the NOBEL Peace prize when he had never done anything at all in his somewhat longer life……….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now who could that have been, probably another lying Democrat.

  4. My two cents worth;

    Yes, Rez is a proven plagiarist. That’s a fact that cannot be argued. Caught him myself on the NH forums.

    No, Rez cannot see, much less concede, a valid point from the other side. I never saw any indication he would stand up for anything other than what he was writing (plagiarizing).

    Yes, Rez definitely lost his cool on more than one occasion, threatened people, and called them names. He was kicked off the NH forums two or three times for it. By the time it was over, he had a least 5 proven screen names.

    I certainly can see where the ACLU might find common ground with rez.


    I first met this kid when he was still in high school. It took several knowledgeable adults, myself included, nearly 2 weeks to convince him that the United States is NOT a “democracy,” but a REPUBLIC!

    I was on the local News Herald forum when Haq was caught plagiarizing in a letter to the NH editor — a letter that the NH then defended AFTER the plagiarism had been exposed.

    Haq was also exposed as a repeat plagiarist in the comment section of the NH forum.

    What finally got young master Haq in real trouble was when he openly threatened my wife with rape and children with murder on the News Herald forum. Greg will tell you he did not do so, but this is because Greg denies jihadi language. I reported the incident to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office who — after reviewing and confirming the printed comments I gave them — did not take it as a joke. They referred it to Mike Jones, the head of Bay County Schools security. It was discovered that Haq had even used a school computer during school hours to make several of his threatening comments. Haq was advised that I could press charges and, even if I did not, his comments could open him up to charges on grounds of terrorism and terrorist threats. It was at this point he sent back channel pleas for me not to mess up his chances of getting into Princeton and having a future in politics by pressing charges. He even apologized on the NH forum and Greg went so far as to publicly plead his case. Still, I was inclined to charge him because I had warned him to tone it down. it was ONLY because a good, close friend with intimate, highest-level knowledge of the legal proceedings told me the kid was ready to wet his pants over the whole thing.

    Today, I wish I had let him suffer the consequences of his actions. I did him no favor by showing him that people no longer have to pay for their crimes…unless they are conservative.

  6. Gah! Go undress a boy and miss all the action! I should like to know if I ever chatted with Rez at the NH. (I didn’t know his screen name, er names.) I must say that Buggerthat was always very amusing to me because I would hear the voice of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons….let’s see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=_JmylSHuPvg&feature=endscreen

    Thankfully, no one can accuse me of plagiarism as I have asked other writers if I may post their articles, and I’ve always given them credit. (Sweet M. and the boys do the same.) Now spankings? That’s a horse of a different colour……

    Enough of that boring junk; we must now focus on me!! I’m to do this musical and haven’t read the script, but agreed to it, nonetheless. Oh, dear. I hope it’s not a piece-of-crap musical.

    I notice that the beauty part of my writing is no one in their right mind would ever plagiarise me. 😉

  7. Now , I do know Rez has plagiarized stuff because he pretty much took what I wrote to him once on a PM once and answered a post with it. Word for word.

    I also know that I chastised him about putting black’s name and address out there and also about him talking about black’s business and family. At that point, he was crossing the line. The insults were flying back and forth, as usual, but Rez took it to another level. Black and I have disagreed on many things over the years, but thing like Rez was doing, I won’t tolerate to be done to any friends I have online or otherwise.

    I’m kinda thinking I remember a little something about Rez asking Utah if he likes little boys that had something to do with him considering himself a little boy. It’s a bit cloudy, but I do think I remember something to that effect. I had no problem with stating Rez political views, as I don’t with anyone that post here or there, but he was out of control at that point and needed to be shut down.

    Accusing someone of being a pedophile is vile. It’s reprehensible and inexcusable. I’ve dealt with a similar situation with posters saying over the top racist comments, getting banned and returning with a different screen name, then claiming the don’t remember doing it or that they never did it. It was so bad once, I had to call Caz on his cell phone while he was traveling to GA, to ask him to have the article and comments pulled.

    I’m not saying that Greg does or doesn’t remember. I’m not saying that Greg is or isn’t defending Rez. But I will say, if Greg can contact Rez, he should consider inviting him to come here and defend himself. If he did what Utah says he did, he should man up and apologize. I know for a fact is someone said that about me, I’d be defending myself until my last breath.

  8. BECAUSE GREG IMPLIED I WAS LYING (this is just part of the files I kept and, though it is difficult to follow because of the way it copied and pasted off the old News herald forum, it should be sufficient to remind those involved who are now here on the RNL of some of what happened)

    THE FOLLOWING IS ONE OF SEVERAL COPIES I MADE FROM/OF AN ENTIRE DISCUSSION THREAD FROM TH OLD NH FORUM (I bolded the section where I quoted Rezz under one of his aliases and to which others then replied. Also, you will note that many of the things Rezz was saying had already been removed by the NH at this time, but you can get an idea of how bad they were through the replies to his removed comments. Finally, one last note: you’ll find Greg Cobb in here. That is the same Gregg Cobb as Melfamy from here on the RNL):

    3:58 PM on April 2, 2011
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    THIS is your typical “liberal.” You who think you are better, look at your “tolerance:”

    slimerecovery (fits better)

    “What’s that Black? Feels pretty tough threatening someone from behind the computer screen don’t you? I bet you loved dropping the soap at the corps, didn’t you? You were probably a spy sent here from the enemy state. Wouldn’t surprise me. And guess what Black, I wouldn’t mind saying this to your face, neither you wife’s face.. in bed ;D”
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    Name withheld
    3:59 PM on April 2, 2011
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    I have replied to slime several times and I’ll do it again here.


    You come say that to me face-to-face: in person, face-to-face.
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    Name withheld
    4:17 PM on April 2, 2011
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    2 chances of that ever happening……..slime and none.
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    4:35 PM on April 2, 2011
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    I’m going with none….
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    Name withheld
    4:59 PM on April 2, 2011
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    Slim, one thing you should know is that family is off limits in this forum. If you have a problem with someone’s opinion, debate that. Leave family out of it.

    Furthermore, B3A has called you out. So either put up, or shut up.

    Score: -10
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    6:26 PM on April 2, 2011
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    8:03 PM on April 2, 2011
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    face-to-face, slim: face-to-face so you can put your arse end where your keyboard is.

    btw: I don’t remember you EVER posting anything that even came close to sounding libertarian. You usually side with the leftest of the left on the forum, so you “labeled” yourself. Furthermore, no libertarian I know would attack someone in the manner you have here – especially their families. And I know quite a few libertarians, being one myself.
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    8:20 PM on April 2, 2011
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    11:53 PM on April 2, 2011
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    Give it a rest.
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    Name withheld
    3:05 AM on April 3, 2011
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    slim, you are making a fool of yourself. Lord knows, I don’t care for his irrelevant comments, that is why there is an ‘ignore’ button.
    You need to apologize, as wm is right; leave family out of it, those are buttons we do not need to be pushing.
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    Name withheld
    9:51 PM on April 3, 2011
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    slimrecovery–please be quiet. Your fighting words provoke without contributing. Going after another poster’s family diplays your lack of courage. Find another place to play third grade.

    3:58 PM on April 2, 2011
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    THIS is your typical “liberal.” You who think you are better, look at your “tolerance:”

    slimerecovery (fits better)

    “What’s that Black? Feels pretty tough threatening someone from behind the computer screen don’t you? I bet you loved dropping the soap at the corps, didn’t you? You were probably a spy sent here from the enemy state. Wouldn’t surprise me. And guess what Black, I wouldn’t mind saying this to your face, neither you wife’s face.. in bed ;D”
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    5:15 AM on April 4, 2011
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    In defense of B3A; Only those who have been in combat will understand just how much we appreciate all members of our armed services. (I was once 100% “pro-USAF” and among the first to put down Marines, USN, USA — Then along came ‘Nam. That changed everything).

    Next, “Bugsy” is an instigator who loves to stir up arguments.– and to be taken with a grain of salt.

    Finally, “Slimreck” is a cancer on intelligence who should stick to his student deferrals. ‘Tis best to ignore this parasite and
    disavow his existence.

    FINAL NOTE: I have other copies, but after a quick phone call to a Sheriff friend of mine, i was advised NOT to post them as they were the ones used in the complaint I declined to file. He told me it would be best not to publish them here — in case I need to readdress this issue again in the future. But, as you can see, I kept this one, and I have told people they can find the others in the public report of the incident, so I will just have to trust that this will suffice as defense of my character and my assertions against Rezwan Haq. I already know that those for whom this is not enough, nothing will ever be sufficient in their eyes. I have to just accept that some people are doomed and let them go. That’s just a difficult thing for an old Marine to do — leaving a fellow human being behind…

    • I had no idea those were rezzy aliases, I will take your word for it. I remember one where he pretended to be a black woman. I also remember just about every strange name that wasn’t a rightie was accused of being Rez, It was a game I was not interested in. And thanks for noting that i did call the guy out

      • The police told me they found 23 accounts on the NH forum that were traceable to the IP addresses at Arnold High School, and only 2 of them could be attributed to other students: both female, both in defense of Rezz.

        I’ll leave you to do the math from there, but this WAS one of the screen names confirmed to have been him.

      • Kells,

        This is not a subject I joke about. Greg may dismiss what he and you call “radical” Islam, but I do not. I have lived in their homelands, and I know it is foolish to dismiss these people when they make open threats as — more often than not — they are not threats at all. Greg may also feel he knew Rezz well enough to think he wasn’t a threat. Again, that is a naive and foolish position to hold, and I was not going to risk my families lives on what has been proven over and over again to be Greg’s bad judgment. I HONORED THE THREAT!

        So, if you count yourself friend at all, stay away from this one with your jokes. They will get your feeling hurt this time.

        • B, Iread in the truncated transcript that Rez felt threatened by something you said. Ask yourself, how much did you have to do with that situation spiraling out of control?

          • Still looking to blame me. Figures.

            NOT AT ALL! The police exonerated me on that same issue — because they got the full thread history from the NH and went straight to Rezz over it.

            You see, Rezz played a game that many who think like he does like to play: he tried to play the victim and he failed.

            In this case, I was lucky: there was an electronic record. However, all too often, innocent people are harmed by people like Rezz because people like you believe him over the true victim. Look how you are acting here and ask yourself why you are defending someone who has been proven to be of questionable character over me — a person who has NEVER denied guilt for anything and has apologized for simply being mistaken once I was shown my mistake. You’ve seen me do it several times, but your memory may fail you (again???). So, luckily, WM Gates is here. Others know I have apologized before, but I have apologized directly to WM in the past and — if pressed — I believe him to be a man of honor enough to tell you so.

            Still, it is not necessary in my mind to ask him or anyone else to support me. I provided the evidence I have been told I can post, which is far more than anything you have to defend this kid. Now, you are proving my comment in that evidence correct: NOTHING will EVER be good enough for you. You simply do not like me, therefore — in your mind — I will ALWAYS be wrong. At least, I will be wrong until someone else tells you otherwise, and even then, they will be right — not me.

            This is why I am done with you: you have no sense of personal integrity or shame.

            • It is stupid paragraphs like this, B, that make me question you, You have me so wrong, why on Earth would I take Your word about another person?

              Forget it, you are an innocent, pure as the driven snow.

              • Well, there you go again…

                I never claimed to be perfect, or even to be 100% correct 100% of the time. You guys are the ones who accuse me of saying/believing that.

                HOWEVER, it is in cases like this — where you tell me I am lying (or clearly imply it), challenge me to put up or shut up and then I PROVE I AM TELLING THE TRUTH and you STILL keep defending the other side that YOU lose YOUR credibility.

                What’s more, in this case, it is you against…well, pretty much everyone from the old NH forum — even the people who don’t really like me too much.

                So I hope you are as done with me as I am with you. Let’s just stop talking to each other from now on. Deal?

                  • “I don’t see where anyone has backed you up on the claims that Rez threatened you family.”
                    It has been long enough ago that I can’t remember any exact statements made by the little school-boy idiot but I can assure you that if he had said to me in person what he said over the NH forum, he would have had to kick my butt to keep from having his handed to him. And if I recall, he was offered the chance to defend his statements made by many of his personalities in person by several posters, including B.

        • B. Do you think I was serious when I wrote naughty things to you? I tell you, it was not my intention; I felt it was all in good fun. I’m just trying to understand where you draw the line on a person’s true intent when they are sitting behind a computer.

          That said, I apologise and shall abide by your wishes and not joke; it’s just that my nature is to be light-hearted…..

          • No, Kells, I am well aware that you are almost always trying to lighten the mood and just have fun. I have told you that many times. For whatever reason, you just don’t seem to want to believe me. Just like you apparently think I am being serious far more often than I am.

            HOWEVER, in this case, on this issue, I was just asking you not to joke about what Rezz said/did. I draw the line when someone tells me they are going to rape my wife, then kill my kids and THEN publishes my full name AND my address. Greg and maybe others might think this was just “youthful exuberance,” or maybe just stupidity, but I don’t care. ANYONE who does that will be treated accordingly.

            I HONOR ALL THREATS! That’s why I am still alive, Kells, and people who were close to me are not.

            • So I may still play with you, then? I promise to keep all of my clothes on. (I only skinny-dip in Druridge Bay.)

              I say, you and G. need to stop acting like two babies! I swear I just want to slap y’all!

            • Rape is your interpretation, B. Again, it was a tasteless thing to say, but it was not clearly a threat to commit rape.

              Besides, if the cops had decided that the threat was credible, they would not have needed you to press charges, which indicates to me that they thought along the same lines as myself.

              • greg……………….. “if the cops had decided that the threat was credible, they would not have needed you to press charges, which indicates to me that they thought along the same lines as myself.” I have no idea how any particular police officer thought but I can assure you that without B. to back their case they would not have had one and they wouldn’t wisely push forward on a case they have no chance of winning.

  9. Rez is a coward and proves it, when he’s challenged with facts. Also, he recently posted a FB pic of himself holding a rifle. He says he bought it, to protect himself. This coming from a kid, who called gun ownership “vile as pornography”.

    • Are you unaware of the concept of growing? Do you adhere to everything you believed at the age of 18?
      I think you are the coward, as you are talking to me instead of Rez..

      • Yes I’m talking to you Greg, one you has the right to call me and followers of Jesus WASP. Besides, he wrote that piece about guns, at the age of 21. One year later, he posts a pic of a gun. You have a right to your views Greg. But others do too. Unlike Rezzy, you’re no coward. You’re not afraid to reply back. Rez runs and hides, behind his next subject of plagerism.

  10. Well Here we have it. In black and white. muslims inciting violence WITHIN AMERICA !!

    muslims telling other muslims to arm for violence against Americans ! THIS should be forwarded to Homeland security……first threats and now backed up armed intimidation.

    ISIS in America ….. right on cue too. Didn’t ISIS put out a hit on American troops just the past few days ??? Yes they did. And viola what do we see.

    Connect the Dots folks.

    • One, i am not a Muslim
      Two, the second amendment applies to everyone, and arming oneself for the purpose of self-defense is an AMerican tradition
      Three ISIS is not acting in a manner that Mohammad would recognize as Islamic.

      Four One can connect the wrong dots, Don. Gotta be careful

        • You equate Islam with terrorism, which is what ISIS wants, as having the veneer of a religion is a good recruiting tool for the terrorists.
          But The Quran is clear that killing prisoners and non-combatants, destroying mosques, and marking Christians for killing are forbidden acts.

          • Spoken like a true CAIR-Activist, full of Kitman and Taqiyyah.

            There are scads of Quranic passages on the net now showing what the mohameddan cult really is. Thus your comment is a waste of electronic space.

            What is germain is your own call to “arms” by advocating that muslims who have already seemed to show a violent streak go and get arms to use against Americans….. THAT should be on everybody’s radar screen.

            • Muslims have every right to protect their families from deliberately ignorant haters such as yourself, Don. Personally, I think you are a waste of complex carbon atoms and oxygen.

              • Carbon atoms and Oxygen atoms are not complex, except to the mentally challenged. They can form complex structures under the right conditions. But then there’s your ignorance showing once again.

                And your Anti-American, Anti-Christian Bias as well.
                Encouraging that those who have shown violent tendencies to others to get guns against the very people they have threatened in the past….is a form of incitement and complicity. It is also a form of bullying and intimidation…..and possibly a form of threat.

                Demonizing people is an Alinski and muslim fascist tactic. It is It is bordering on terrorism. You advocate muslims arm against Americans, and someone has apparently done JUST that, based on your direct suggestion…… that’s the bottom line.

                It is very CLEAR what you are at root trying to accomplish.

                • Also BTW. I called into question your Words, Comments and actions.

                  YOU attacked ME personally …. my very person ( as in Carbon and Oxygen). Which is in line with the prior threats and comments that others have had in their experience with you and your muslim followers on the blogs. And is completely in character for how muslim fascists conduct themselves.

                  • You are a hypocritical mud-slinger, Don. How is your blanket condemnation of all Muslims the act of a rational person, much less a true American? How is gun ownership by any American whose ethnicity and religion has been horribly misaligned, libelled, even, an un-American? I never advocated that they Use the guns, although that is what guns are for, to kill things. Funny how liberal you sound about firearms when you are the perceived target.
                    I have not attacked you my friend I just identified you. And that is more than you would do if you ever talked to a Muslim. Would you just throw into the conversation that, by the way, he is an enemy of the American Way? I doubt it, you are probably a real nice guy in person, who would hate to hurt someone’s feelings; it’s only on here that you become a right-wing crusader for a version of America that never existed.
                    I have been avoiding this site because you and others on here are bad for my blood pressure; I only wished to respond to David’s outreach. But I will engage you on this subject until you tire of being made a fool of.

                    I did mean molecules, not atoms, thanks for the correction.

                    • I do indeed know you meant to hurl your personal invective at MY molecules as you have personally attacked so many before . With your violent, misogynistic and thinly veiled hostile threats based on islamic jihadist rhetoric.

                      You will engage because you have an agenda, which is now clear for all to see once again. Taqiyyah and Kitman.

                    • Your violent and thinly veiled threats against Muslims is based on radical christian rhetoric that has no basis in fact. I am no misogynist, and I abhor honor killings, female genital mutilation as much as you do. I, however, recognize that such horrors are cultural, not endorsed in the Islamic writing, just as male genital mutilation is mentioned in the Bible,…oh, wait! In the Bible we are required to mutilate babies!
                      As to my muslimicity, I only defend them because they aren’t here to defend themselves from you nativistic crackers. What is Taqiyyah and Kitman, anyway?

  11. When I’m wrong Greg, I admit it. You and Rez have proved my wrong, on at least two occasions. I found myself finally agreeing with Rez, on something. I even wrote him and told him. I commended him too. When I agree with one, even when I mostly don’t, I’ll tell them. When Americans show respect to fellow Americans, they show their best. Blessings to you.

    • Rez has recently changed his spots, he disavows his earlier liberal leanings, says he has grown out of such silliness. But then he posted a screed that blamed capitalism for all of our woes, so I don’t know where the kid is at.

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