Shameless Plug: Hi,Y’all!

The daughter of really close friends of ours is launching a business. Takes grit and determination to get a business up and going in this economy.

I’d appreciate if any of y’all would give her a look on Facebook: Hi, Y’all! Made In The South.

If you don’t do FaceBook, you can go here.

7 thoughts on “Shameless Plug: Hi,Y’all!

    • It’s T-Shirt with that logo on. Clicking the link does not bind you to use of Facebook. It just simply shows that page. It’s really not a hard concept, and I am sure you will obtain less cookies from that Facebook page than you do visiting Huffington Post.

      • Nope- it takes you there for a second- then the log in page for FB. And yes. I’m sure I could disable numerous programs, and allow several settings I have turned off. And go through the BS of setting up a facebook account. Setting up yet another phony And violate thei TOS by giving phony info.

        Of course you realize a factor in Obamas win was his teams ability to use this kind of data- and Romneys teams failure?

        Do you really support giving away your data- and maybe more importantly- do you even realize just how much data is being collected on you? Would you be fine with a store scanning your NFC enabled bank/credit cards? Your smartphone? Reading the RFID tags embedded in some of your clothing? Because all this- and more IS happening to a limtied extent already. And it’s growing by the month…

  1. I can’t get past the Facebook login (and I wasn’t logged in to FB either). That needs to go. I won’t “like” anything (product). I can’t stand these sites with automatic FB pop-ups.

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