The Military, Education and Pure Partisan Politics

OK, I’ve been trying not to do this, but, if the Left is going to keep pitching hanging curve balls, I’m simply going to have to knock a few out of the park.  Here’s the latest political child-like foolishness coming from the petulant snots on the Left:

Panetta to propose military pay cut after Obama raised federal officials pay

Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta reportedly believes the military should receive a pay cut in order to respond to the budget cuts facing the Pentagon — a position that might strengthen the Republican push to reverse President Obama’s executive order raising the salary of Vice President Joe Biden and other federal officials

And here’s how the Republican should answer this threat (at least, this is how adults would answer it):

Republican House Agrees with Obama’s Defense Spending Cuts: Matches them by Defunding ENTIRE Department of Education

Encourage State governors to follow President’s lead by cutting Teachers’, Fire Fighters’ and Police Officers’ pay too.

Then, hold press conferences, get on the TV and into the conservative media and praise the President for his bold moves and tell everyone who will listen how you are just trying to “join him” by adding to his efforts to save tax payers money.  Kill Obama with kindness and praise and credit him with everything you do as you gut government spending.  And, if/when the propaganda dogs in the “main stream” media try to challenge you, attack back.  Accuse them of trying to undermine the President’s efforts to cut spending.  Call them racist and then storm off the set before they can counter.

And, should he be stupid enough to try and reverse course, then you pounce on him and ask him to make up his mind.  Tell people you want to work with him, you are trying to work with him, you even went against your own constituents and made cuts that that matched the cuts he made in the military but, you can’t work with him if he is going to change his mind as often as a 16 year old prom-queen picking out her dress.

And THAT’S how you play hard ball with the children: and you do it in a way that makes the President look good because you give him all the credit.

5 thoughts on “The Military, Education and Pure Partisan Politics

  1. They should completely eliminate any pay raises or additional govt contracts until the budget is passed and BALANCED. Then the vast majority of govt employees and contractors, from the bottom to the senators would rethink their stupid votes of the past ten years.

  2. I actually did a post on this issue at my little dear diary site. The crux of my issue is that militaty spending is in the constitution. (I would pull up my post, but I don’t recall the title, and I tend to use my potty mouth over there.)

    • You ‘re absolutely right … the Military is one the FEW powers and responsibilities mentioned in the Constitution.

      I think they should INCREASE military pay….expand military Health care benefits and Defund the ENTIRE Dept ofEducation as Joe said.

      I wouldn’t cut Fire Fighters or LEO though.

      • The along with our military, the post office is mandated in the Constitution.

        Let’s see, the department of homeland security and ICE aren’t protecting America from terrorists or illegal immigration, the EPA, the department of education, most of the stuff in the department of justice, etc. is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Also known as, ILLEGAL.

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