Traitors in the White House – and the News Room

I have told you before that Benghazi is about Obama running guns to Islamists with ties to Al-Qaeda.  I have told you the evidence is already in the public record.  I have posted stories with links to this evidence.  I have posted stories with links to stories by foreign media that supports the evidence in the Congressional and U.S. News media records.  And now, a trusted expert on Islam with contacts in the U.S. Intelligence and military community seems to be confirming that our government officials actually know that Benghazi is about TREASON!

‘It Goes Back to the Bin Laden Attack’: Expert Who Said New Benghazi Info Will Leave You ‘Amazed and Shocked’ Gives More Details to TheBlaze

“There are multiple issues that will come out, I wish I could tell you, but it goes back to the Bin Laden attack,” she said. [Emphasis added].

Weighing in on reports that Ambassador Chris Stevens was “running guns” to Syrian rebels at the behest of the United States government, Gabriel was unequivocally clear.

“There was an operation; they were smuggling weapons to Syria, and he died because he was involved and because something went wrong,” she stated.

Now, rather than focus on Obama or his treason, or the Administration officials who share in his treason; instead of discussing whether or not this story also amounts to murder by Obama, Clinton and Panetta; let’s focus on what this tells us about the Republicans currently in the House.  If Gabriel is aware of this information, do you really believe that no one in the Republican controlled House is aware of it?  Do you really believe they are “in the dark?”  If you do, I have some freshly painted gold bullion I’d like to sell you (at a 50% discount, no less).  However, if you realize that the House leadership probably knows even more than Gabriel knows, then what does it mean that we have not seen real investigative hearings yet?  What does it mean that there have not been Articles of Impeachment filed against any of these three members of the Administration?  I’ll tell you what it means:

It means the Republicans are covering for Obama!

And that means the Republican Party shares in Obama’s guilt – only, in this case, it is worse.  In this case, the Republicans have consciously chosen to defend a traitor.  And less you defend the Republicans on the grounds of some contrivance such as “political realities” or “strategic strategy,” don’t.  When it comes to matters of national security and treason by the President, anyone who is more concerned with their Party’s political fortunes than their duty to the nation is proving themselves to be treasonous in their heart.  So, any way you slice this one, you end up with the Republicans choosing to share in the President’s treason – not to mention the murder of 4 Americans.

15 thoughts on “Traitors in the White House – and the News Room

        • Scribe,

          No, not cheap at all, but you’d be wrong. I said I never lost a game I played where clothes are lost for losing, but I never said I have played every such game to which I was challenged. I know I can’t spell to save my life, so guess what I would refuse to do? 😉

  1. It’s not often a dirty, tree hugging lib gets a chance to take a shot over here. We gotta take ’em where we can get ’em 🙂 I can’t add, so I suppose it’s even.

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