Progressive Parenting: Do It If It Feels Good

For me, it seems the most curious of juxtapositions.

Here’s what I mean.

Progressives are essentially socialists with more money and better PR. The very basis of socialism is state ownership of the means of production and central planning which results in a tightly controlled societal structure. Such a societal structure is inevitable.

Many sources, including those of both progressive and conservative origin have noted that we are trending toward a more controlled, progressive economy and society with a bigger and more centrally planned government.

So how is it possible progressives promote a libertine, anything goes, do it if it feels good society?

Is this yet another contradiction in the progressive ideology?

Not really.

We casually refer to progressive governing proclivities as the “nanny state” and it would seem that there is a lot of truth to that. The in the inner cities, the government has replaced husbands and fathers and in the broader society it has taken on the role of moral arbiter, informing citizens which thoughts and actions are allowed and which we are supposed to be offended by. It defines and redefines gender roles, societal responsibilities and also constructs the definition of adulthood, judging when someone should be accorded the rights and responsibilities of being an adult. This is the dictionary definition of a parent.

The problem is that progressivism makes for a very, very bad parent.

Progressivism only allows libertine culture to exist because it wants to be the cool parent.

It wants to be your friend and tell you that there are no rules and if there are, you are a special snowflake and the rules don’t apply to you. It wants to normalize and mainstream your deviant behavior so it doesn’t have to be the strict one who wants you home by 10 pm on a school night. Your biological parents didn’t hug you enough, didn’t give you enough, didn’t understand you enough – your progressive cultural parent loves you. Here’s a cone of ice cream and a puppy – for free.

Conservatives are the meanies who want to make you obey the rules – what squares…

We all know the consequences of loose parenting by human beings. Children with abysmal manners and anti-social tendencies. Children who are selfish, exhibiting wanton behaviors who accept no consequences for their actions. Brats. The kind who throw uncontrollable fits in the aisles of Toys-R-Us. Uncontrollable children who adhere to no rules and react violently or aberrantly when they find out there actually are rules.

Eventually progressives will use the very libertine culture they promote as an excuse to crack down on “disorder” and “chaos” in society.

When conservatism parents you get people like Lady Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and Chris Kyle.

When progressivism parents, you get Caitlyn Jenner and riots in Baltimore.

2 thoughts on “Progressive Parenting: Do It If It Feels Good

  1. Utah,

    Wilson defined Progressivism — the form that finally took hold in America — as the most effective way to sell Communism to America and get them to buy it. I think, since he is the father of the movement, he is the best authority on this subject. So why call them socialists when their own founder said they are ‘Progressive Communists?’

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