LESSONS IN LOGIC: Supreme Court Ruling Is An Act Of Subversion

The Oil for Your Lamp

Today’s Obamacare ruling by the Supreme Court is an act of subversion.  The Justices — who should no longer be called ‘justices’ — the people who voted for this decision should be arrested and charged with subversion.  This is because there was no debate on this issue.  In fact, there was no debate on the previous ruling allowing Obamacare.  The law originated in the Senate.  It established ‘fees’ to get around the Constitutional restriction against spending bills starting in the Senate.  When the law first came to the Supreme Court, the Obama Administration argued the ‘fees’ were not taxes because they knew the law would die if they admitted the truth.  Gruber, the man who helped Obama lie to America and who advised Obama to lie to get the law passed has said they labeled the taxes in this law as ‘fees’ for this very reason.  But the Supreme Court…

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