More Evidence U.S. Constitution Dead! Time to Secede!


The U.S. Supreme Court decision on Obamacare today is a clear violation of the Constitution.  The ruling is illegal.  It is a clear violation of Natural Law in terms of language, the law and the Social Contract (i.e. Constitution).  The first case should have found Obamacare violates the Constitution by declaring the fees a tax when the language of the law said it was not a tax and the Obama Administration argued the same.  This meant Obamacare is unconstitutional because it originated in the Senate.  So, if it includes a tax, it violates the Constitution.  Now, today, the court has joined Obama in re-writing the law by ruling that people can receive subsidies directly from the Federal government in States where no exchange has been created.  This violates the letter of the law, but it also violates the Constitutional guarantee that the States are sovereign and retain a…

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12 thoughts on “More Evidence U.S. Constitution Dead! Time to Secede!

  1. Secession has the precedent of the Federal Government using force to put down a “rebellion”. Should that happen, it would require little for the Russians and Chinese to grab the pieces after we have tried to destroy ourselves. What would happen if churches and even the states themselves just said NO? We won’t comply.

    • FlyDiver,

      You are correct to point to history, so i will do the same. Historically, those who do as you suggest are imprisoned and — eventually – killed.

      What we are witnessing is a repeat of how Hitler came to power — an on a similar time line, to boot. All we are missing is the ‘crisis’ they need as an excuse to declare ’emergency powers.’ I am actually waiting for it, and would not be surprised if it comes in the form of a false flag attack on the nation.

    • Only one problem with that story: the people thing the States” should” have the right to ignore the feds??? They already do! The States MADE the fed, so they can ignore or even do away with the federal government — and should! It has become a clear and present danger to the States and the People of America.

      • It’s a beginning Joe… there are people in every State who know what you know. And as this becomes part of the discussion……. the Truth will become known to more and more people!

        Remember 1776 came about and was actuated by 27-35 % of the people up until 1781 when the tide changed radically Towards the Freedom fighters and the Continental Congress. And IN FACT they had been supported by another 35% of the population silently and with supplies from 1776 – 1781.

        There is a LOT of discontent in America now …… like a Sea just under the Ice !

        • I pray you are correct, but I also fear we have lost the majority of those under that age of 30-35. Once indoctrinated by the Progressive agenda, it is nearly impossible to extricate these people from their ignorance. 😦

          • I know what you mean.
            The Bubble in which they live seems to consist of Netflix, FaceBook, Twitter, Google, Smart Phones and i-pads, Game of thrones or Hunger Games. And that’s it !
            Anybody older is one of two categories to them…. Mean-haters defined as being Republican or Conservative…..or Cool … which is proven by snarky comments about the first category….. Jon Stewart, Obama, George Takai or their clone drones.

            Very odd. Because normally there is rebellion in the young. This generation however seems to Idolize the Establishment….. they are down for “The Man” from square one….. The Man as defined for them by FaceBook , their Union Teachers and the Media.

      • But once again. The “youth” issue aside.
        And now looking at those who ARE awake….. here is another story about Texas wanting its Gold back within its borders. Which is getting back (1) the issue of Financial collapse or contraction ( which you’ve touched on here and the OYL and Concord too). Texas has been working on this for a while…..first with Bass who has been getting the University of Texas Gold back to Texas.

        (2) It shows that there ARE People who are awake. In many avenues of bothe the Private sector and the State Government, as well as those Texas and other Citizens who have been sounding the alarm about Jade Helm.

        BOTH things are happening at the same time….. Youthful Drones AND Awake citizens…..Glass half full/half empty. At some point everyone will have to decide which they believe, then which side to join, then what action to take….and of course as you say how committed they ARE to their Faith.

        I see articles like the Texas awareness and skepticism of military action, the poll on people believing States have a right to ignore federal courts and the New York Non-Compliance with gun registration as positive. They will serve to awaken those who “Have eyes to see and ears to hear”… well as others to question.

        • I understand. I just realize that this means those who are awake will have to accept the loss of the nation they knew. This will keep too many of them from acting and the whole likely be lost for reluctance to separate and save what little is left.

          I KNOW you know this.

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