I Don’t Really Understand This…

…but since our old friend William saw fit to accuse me of being a bigot – I assume because I wrote about Michael Brown – and he challenged me to post his email, here goes:

William Gates <wmgates68@XXXXXX

7:17 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
Write an article about a white person that was highly admired that wasn’t a “saint” like you’ve done to Mandela, MLK. and any black person of significance. You seem to always write these articles when they pertain to blacks—-feel free to share this email with the other “regulars” on your site.
I don’t think you will. Why? Because I think you’re scared.If not, you must be a bigot. I tell you what, I’ll give you a person that you can write about now that wasn’t a saint. Ronald Reagan.
I dare you.
 Anybody want to take a crack at this? I guess Mr. Gates thinks only see be bad black folks and skip over the whites who aren’t saints.

15 thoughts on “I Don’t Really Understand This…

  1. Well, I’ll defend you against this one, Utah. WM has obviously missed or dismissed all your attacks on the white Leftists you have attacked, as well as many white RINOs on the Right. The majority of the political philosophers and pundits you have eviscerated over the years are also white. Now, WM may not think any of these people qualify as ‘admired,’ but they are to a great many of those on the Left in our society and the Western world. So…

  2. I specifically chose Mike Brown because of the damage the lies about him are doing to the black community of Ferguson. Like you pointed out, I guess William also missed my swat of Trump – he’s pretty white.

    • Utah,

      I’m not sure if you’ll see this or agree with me, but hear me on this, please. Brown and Ferguson are about revolution. This is being driven by Soros and the people in and around the Obama Administration. they are the 60’s hippies who believed they could affect a revolution if they could just cause enough civil unrest. The idea is typical Communist thinking: cause enough violence that people scream for someone to do something, then step in and lead. The people will rise up and join you and you finally get to rebuild the ruins in the form of your Communist utopia.

      Well, it didn’t work back then because America still had a moral foundation. That is no longer the case. The people driving this have not changed, but America has — and we are seeing it come apart exactly as they planned for it to happen.

      Now, here is the dangerous part I hope WM sees. In Russia, it was the farmers. In Germany, the Jews. In America, it is going to be the blacks. The Progressives/Communists behind all this are as racist as they have always been. They do not care about blacks. They just know they can use race as a wedge issue. Blacks are being used but they do not see it. they have accepted the poison that has been fed to them for decades. Now, they are being played as useful idiots. But make no mistake, if they start a race war, the Left gets what it wants: a lot of blacks purged by the white MAJORITY and an excuse to step in, suspend the Constitution and give themselves ’emergency powers.’

      This is EXACTLY the way Soros has done it overseas, and how the Communists have always done it, and it is the very formula being payed out in America today. It is NOT about race, people: this is about revolution — pure and simple.

      • Very good synopsis.

        But I see it slightly differently. I don’t think Blacks are the new Ukrainian Kulaks or the new Jews. I think the Conservatives and the Christians are. But race war is Soros and Obama and the Crony Money set’s intended vector. These Washington Elites will use Government Guns to come and “Protect” the violent black minority and in doing so will try and wipe out as many Conservatives as they can. And the blacks will be right there with them doing the wiping out.

        When someone from the inside like Glenn Beck tells us that the Special Forces have been preparing to act against all the “Bubbas” since GW Bush…… you ( we) better listen. Nobody refers to Blacks as “Bubbas”. They’re talking about Blue collar Christian White Americans.

        Other than that you are correct about the Marxist Dialectic being employed by The Political Class in Washington……Most of BOTH parties.

        • Don,

          Glenn had that show about the Bubbas just last night, and one of our former leading generals (now retired) was on with him to help explain it.

          As for the Conservatives: I agree in that they are the stated enemy this time, but it is more like the fascist/communist divide of old. I do not think they plan to rid themselves of the conservatives until after they take over. They just plan to use the blacks to do it, and rid themselves of many of them in the violence that leads to their takeover. THEN they will deal with all those who refuse to be re-educated. I believe this because they have explained it all in several of the books they write to each other.

  3. ah William Gates slinks in again to spread his racist animus .

    OK Mr Bill here yah go.

    Here’s two White Boys for you. Two talented but nevertheless flawed individuals. Bing Crosby and Bix Beiderbecke. Now der Bingal was a hearthrob for legions of young gals. With his crooning voice ( or was it swooning)….anyway he could melt the resistance of many a bobysoxer. And he did. Was quite a womanizer. And ol Bix from Davenport Iowa was a Booze hound’s booze hound…… a world class drinker. And it eventually snuffed out his oversized talent. ( A talent on the Cornet that, when he heard him play, Made Louis Armstrong say about his own playing…”Niggah, throw away yo horn….that white boy’s GOT it” ). Quite a compliment to Bix from the Great Satchmo himself to say the least.

    Yes they was some flawed white boys fo sho !!

    But amidst the babes and the booze their talent and performances lifted many hearts and brought untold joy to a generation ( Including Satchmo ). Crosby’s sublime Voice and Beiderbecke’s piercing Cornet can be heard together on this 1928 recording. Reaching a collaboration of pure joy. So I invite you to sit back, kick your feet up and enjoy 3 minutes of pure Traditional Jazz Heaven. As the saying goes Mr. Bill…. “Here’s lookin’ at you kid” :

  4. Off the top of my head, I would think of Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Margaret Sanger. (Ben Carson had some rather cruel, and deserving, words on her.) Wondering your thoughts on him. I liked Reagan, and MLK. No man is a saint, William…………..except Hugh Jackman.

        • You’re wrong. He called for “Economic Justice” or there would be violence in the streets.Many of His speeches were written by high members of the CPUSA. And others by the labor party and American Socialists.
          They have created a Myth. The “I have a dream speech” was written for mixed public consumption and simply does not conform to those he gave to predominantly black audiences. Ferguson’s imitation of African ethos and the rage so associated with it are indeed found within many of those speeches.

          I don’t know the Boston Model….. but if you have a picture I would love to see her…. :- )).

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