Rush Says Trump is Reagan

When did Rush become a Progressive?  Or has he always been a Progressive and it’s just now starting to show?  Why do I ask?  Well, for more than 20 years now, I have heard Rush ‘claim’ he is a ‘conservative,’ which Donald Trump is not, but then today, I heard Rush defend Trump’s tax plan as though it had come straight from Ronald Reagan.  I have seen this dance before.  When the TEA Party first came out, Rush was against it.  he says he wasn’t, but you should be able to find my old posts here, and had the local paper kept their forum, you’d find them on the News Herald detailing where Rush was originally against the TEA Party — because it threatened the Party.  Now, even though Trump is against everything he claims to believe, Rush is actually defending Trump,  Why?  I don’t know.  All I know is that it sure smacks of someone who values Party uber alles.  And when the Party matters more than anything else, you cannot claim to have any values or principles other than the Party.  And when you value the Party first, by definition, you are either against the nation or you think the Party is the nation.  Either way, I think Rush is walking the thin line between what he claims to be and fascism.

But then, I am sure many will agree with Rush: we have to get more Beohners and McConnels in office before we can change things, so vote Trump now and we’ll fix it later.  Just get the win!

20 thoughts on “Rush Says Trump is Reagan

  1. ** And now let’s see what Rush actually said ** :

    “..What is profound? Do you realize how profound it is that practically every Republican voter now knows what has been a secret in Washington for a long time, and that is in Washington there really aren’t Republicans and Democrats? There’s majority and minority.

    But they’re all of the same insider or ruling class or whatever you call it elite mind-set. Their agendas are identical. And it is profound that the lid has been totally blown off of that. For the longest time Republican voters actually believed that Republican elected officials were genuinely an opposition party and were pushing back and wanted to push back and opposed and disagreed with what the Democrats were doing, and the realization that’s not the case..”

    That doesn’t sound Progressive at all. In fact Rush is saying the two Parties are really one !.

    And on Taxes and the Trump plan Rush prefers the Fair or Flat Tax….as he clearly says Trump’s plan is TOO Complicated :

    “..You know, I still think this is too complicated. I’m for a fair tax or flat tax. You know, take 15% or 18% and be done with it. I know that’s never gonna happen. I know the tax code writers are never gonna give up their power. We’d have to elect a whole brand-new Congress.

    But nevertheless, that’s what I favor. But let’s not sit here and pretend that Trump’s tax plan is Bernie Sanders. This is something that people that doesn’t like Trump are gonna … “

    • I know what WORDS he spoke, but I was listening, so I am well aware of the subliminal message that was delivered along with them. The transcript does not convey the entirety of what Rush was saying/doing. But that’s OK. If the GOP wants to go with Trump, I understand. I also understand that, IF that is what the GOP thinks it needs to do to get a ‘W,’ they had better get ready to get used to “Mad’am President, Mrs. Clinton!”

      • You Ape Glenn Beck, MSNBC, FOX news, CNN, Colbert, Gov Perry, Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Megyne Kelly and any number ofthe Media and Entertainment very well. Including BTW Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

        Because of course you were “listening” and anyobe else who was also listening and didn’t get your take wasn’t actually “listening”. A perfect Progressive /Alinski talking point tactic BTW.

        And I think you are doing a Whale of a job helping the Bush/ Rubio team get elected. Knock yourself off.

        • Don,

          So, if you listen to Obama and you hear his words say one thing, yet you pick up on his lies and deception, you are ‘aping’ ‘the right-wing conspiracy?’ Or could it be you are just seeing through the deception?

          I find it interesting that you praise me for seeing through Fiarino early on, yet when I apply the very same analytical techniques to Trump, suddenly I am all wrong. Nothing about me has changed. I see Trump for what he is just as I saw Obama and Fiarino for what they are — still do. And I have seen Rush for what he is for years now.

          Here is a perfect example of where I can illustrate my problem with Rush while actually praising Beck (for a change).

          Beck is putting his entire career/livelihood at risk to DO something to affect a change in this nation. Rush is talking, and he talks in a way that actually supports the GOP establishment (you do not see him tearing the GOP leadership apart the same way Beck is, nor do you see Rush going after bad candidates the same way Beck is doing). Now, agree or disagree, that is not the point. The point is this:

          BOTH Beck and Limbaugh have said they feel the nation is truly hanging in the balance this time. But Rush does nothing to use his influence to affect real change — Beck is trying.

          One more thing to consider. Beck has said he will go down with this nation. A few years back, when a caller asked Rush how we would know we were in real trouble, Rush — without joking — said we would know because the EIB would be dead — no broadcast. Then he said after a few days, when we heard he had moved to New Zealand, we would know it was time to panic. Draw your own conclusions, but I take people like Rush as their word when they say things like this — because history shows they are usually being honest!!!

          • I was also “Listening” to Beck today. And he had on Yudi Jasser ( Sp ?) who effectively endorsed Rubio and Carly Fiorina ( and tepidly Cruz) wrt the muzzies coming to America.

            -Glenn Beck…. FOR ILLEGALS coming from Mexico and Latin America.
            -Glenn Beck FOR AMNESTY
            -Glenn Beck FOR ILLEGALS coming from Syria.

            -Jasser FOR Illegals Coming from Syria ( with an as yet vetting procedure)
            -Beck and Jasser…… islam is NOT the problem. “radical islam is”…..same as Bush, Rubio, Fiorina, Christie, Kasich and all the rest of the Liberal/republican RINOs and Liberals.

            Jasser endorses Rubio and Fiorina.

            -Rubio…. FOR AMNESTY and illegal muslims ( refugees)
            -Fiorina… FOR AMNESTY and illegal muslims ( refugees) AND unlimited H1b visas which takes jobs from qualified American college graduates.

            – Glenn Beck + Jasser+Rubio+Fiorina+ The entire RINO/Liberal cabal FOR AMNESTY, open borders and Illegal muslim ( “Refugees”). Essentially they are all for the Chamber of Commerce-Democrat Party strategy….which is also Obama’s Strategy.

            I am indeed listening !!! Ben Carson is the Only one who gets it completely. Trump does partially. The rest are appeasers at best….the rest are destroyers with a plan.

            It’s that simple.


              The whole time I was listening to Beck praise Fiorina, I kept remembering everything Fiorina has said praising Islam. Then when he interviewed Jasser, I kept hearing Beck argue for the ‘reform’ of Islam. IT IS ALL BS — and it all comes from the fact that beck thinks he is a god.

              The man is arrogant beyond belief. He is spiritually blind. He does not see himself for what he is. To tell people that Jasser is a Muslim trying to reform Islam is to claim the seat of Allah. Beck is A — claiming he can re-write Allah’s commands and B — redefine what a Muslim is in the process.

              But then, Beck has done the very same thing with Mormonism: he has re-written God’s Word and claimed he is a Christian — according to his definition. beck IS the man of lawlessness from 2 Thessalonians 2. And I have been opposing him at every turn.

              But this does not mean I can forgive Trump just because I like what he says (and I do). But I have to stand on my principles — whether I ‘want’ to or not. Otherwise, I run the real risk of ending up where Beck is: thinking I am ‘smart enough’ to re-write God’s Natural Laws and Scriptures.

              • Put up Brigitte Gabriel’s Values Voters Summit Video somewhere. So folks can just click it and watch.

                It says it all !!

                • Well, she still falls for the fallacy that there are Muslims and ‘Islamists,’ so I am not as sold on her as you — but I’ll make that happen (for you 🙂 )

                  I have to write a post explaining why I insist on opposing the idea of Muslim vs Islamists. People do not seem to understand the importance of definitions — especially where matters of religion are concerned. This one is NOT trivial. I just don’t know how to write it — yet. But I may use her and Beck to help me make my point 😉

                  • You miss her point too it seems.

                    She says clearly in the PEW poll that 77 % of Moderate muslims worldwide including in US support ISIS. She gives the history of islam from its beginnings showing it is founded on violence and shows that history up until today. She virtually tells us it is islam….. but because she doesn’t use your exact words You lump her in with Beck.

                    You know what Joe….Forget it.

                    • Don,

                      I am WELL aware of the fact that most Muslims favor Sharia. If they don’t, according to Muahmmad, they are NOT Muslims. I also know that the primary reason for what ‘appears’ to be a ‘moderate/radical’ split in Islam is the division between Sunni and Shi’a Islam. I get ALL of this.

                      As for my focus on the language: I also acknowledge that I may be confusing people. But I also cautioned against doing exactly what you just did and dismiss it. See, you are demanding I accept their definition of Islam, but I am accepting MUHAMMAD’s definition.

                      Let me ask you a question. If I spoke about liberal and moderate conservatives, and said that the problem is not the ‘moderate’ conservatives, but the ‘liberal’ conservatives, would you accept my language simply because I say that the majority of conservatives are liberal and THAT is the problem in the GOP? I hope not, because ‘conservative’ has no real room for the notion of ‘liberal’ or ‘moderate.’ Once you accept these adjectives, you have changed the definition of what it means to be ‘conservative.’

                      So, like it or not, what I am doing is trying to get people to focus on the definition of a Muslim AS MUHAMMAD DEFINED IT! If we can do that, then there is no more need for ANY of these videos to ‘explain’ Islam. It will be readily apparent that Islam is the problem — by definition.

  2. Good conversation here! You guys are gonna make me have to dig out my History notes on
    this subject. I am glad we still have sufficient time to ponder all the changes I am expecting
    to occur by election time in 2016?

    Is there still a point to be made?

    • Rush today doubled down on his dislike of Trump’s tax plan and re-iterated his own call for a Flat/ Fair Tax.

      But it doesn’t matter you see. Because there is “agenda” going on here thatactually has nothing to do with what Rush actually says. I’m sure you get my meaning.

  3. No point in whining about the Donald now … like we’ve all been warning about for years now, and gone ignored … Now the Republicans are getting what’s coming to them.

    You kids better plan on at least 4 more years of parasitic liberal leadership. This duck is already roasted.

  4. I like Trump. From his own mouth, he said he would like to see a fair/flat tax down the road. Obviously, this can’t happen overnight, which is why his plan starts by simplifying the tax code. Can you give me any specifics of the other candidates’ plans for reforming the tax code? They make broad statements that sound great, but they fall short of sticking their necks on the line with details.

    Trump is egotistical, brash, and politically incorrect. He also speaks his mind, doesn’t take PAC money, scares the hell out of the media and the Democrats. I believe him when he says he wants to make America great again……….. his ego is too big to have his country NOT be number one. <——- emphasis for B.

    • The best tax plan has come from Rand Paul. He advocates a flat tax for all. That can be put in place over night, it’s just that it also requires the government to cut spending. THAT is the part that is not going to happen.

      • During the CNN debate, I believe Trump actually mentioned flat as opposed to fair tax for the future. Paul and Trump also agreed on the 14th amendment, and the Iraq war. My problem with Paul is that I feel he underestimates Iran.

        • Agree 100%. Paul underestimates international Geo-Politics completely. So much so that he would be dangerous as CIC.

          His sleazy anti-Trump bashing and his role in getting McConnell reelected and put in as Senate Leader should tell anyone that there is more ofthe Establishment Washington insider about him than not.

          The final nail is his Vocal attack on Cruz….. the most real Conservative in Washington at this point along with Gohmert, Lee and Justin Amash and a few others. Paul has emerged mush more like Ayotte and Rubio than like Lee or Cruz. I used to think He was about midway in between, but he appears to be closer to being a Tea Party fraud every day. With the exception of his defense of 4th Amendment rights.

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