You Reach Down, Between My Legs, Ease the Seat Back


Democrats would like America to believe they are the blessed and lucky beneficiaries of serendipity – the discovery of things beneficial to the advancement of their agenda via the “happy accident”. They act as if they are the party of “Oops!” and are the masters of the unintended consequence, living in a world where correlation actually is causation. Common to their process is this: “We did X and we wanted to get Y but Z happened! Z isn’t Y, but Z is great, so we must have been righteous to get such an amazeballs answer! Heck, Z is an even better confirmation of our preexisting bias so we must be right!”

But where progressivism is concerned, there are no “happy accidents”, there are only useful idiots. I once thought that these useful idiots were simply misguided people who have been led astray by their leaders; however, situations have become so obviously wrong, I know see them as mental weaklings who possess the most limited of attention spans and who are limited to the most superficial of reasoning. They must know they are being used to advance an anti-constitutional progressive agenda but simply don’t care.

Watching the current “debate” (as if unilateral rhetoric can be defined as such), one can see a a directed effort to eliminate the Bill of Rights. Forget Obama – he’s done. He is using the shooting in Roseburg to cover for failed domestic economic policies and the gift that keeps on giving, a feeble and feckless foreign policy. It is his favorite dodge, the “let’s not do anything and just say he did” move – but we must consider the words of Hillary Clinton, someone inexplicably still with a chance to be nominated to represent the Democrats in the 2016 presidential election in spite of avoiding more work than Larry the Cable Guy or that lazy girl at the office you hate. Hillary says that she will implement “common sense reforms” (this is a throw-away phrase that has a different meaning to everyone who hears it – hint: to her it means banning and confiscation) and top that, she proposes the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act so that dealers and manufacturers are held accountable for negligence when crimes are committed with products they’ve sold.

Right away, there are three immediate constitutional issues:

– Direct nullification of the Second Amendment: progressives have a habit of ignoring laws they don’t like but for Hillary to bypass the mandated process for amending the Constitution

– Destruction of the separation of powers: In our system of governance, the role of the executive is to enforce the law. Executive orders that do that are legitimate, executive orders the make new law, refuse to enforce or change existing laws compromise separation of powers and should be deemed illegitimate.

– Violation of the Due Process clause: creating a situation where gun dealers and manufacturers are held liable for actions they cannot possibly foresee is tantamount to determining they are guilty until proven innocent and is a clear abrogation of this constitutional clause.

People should be aware of what is happening here. The Constitution is a document rivaling the Magna Carta in historical significance – and the reason it does is because of the unique curbs and limits it places on what the government can do to the individual citizen. The Constitution is like a national governmental speed limit.

I’ve used this illustration many times – imagine that it is midnight and you are on Interstate 80 in the middle of Wyoming – from experience, I can tell you that late at night, the stretch from Rawlings in the east to Rock Springs in the west is pretty darn lonely. Now assume that the speed limit has been set at 75 mph. You are driving along and your fuel injected, turbocharged, 577 horsepower Mercedes S63 AMG is running smooth, weather conditions are good and you can’t see another set of headlights or taillights for as far as your eye can see. You just topped off the tank in Rawlings and you really want to get across the state as fast as possible. You reach down, between my legs, ease the seat back….wait – that’s Van Halen, the AMG doesn’t have manual seats…

What stops you from cranking the good old cruise control up to 85, 95 – or even 105 – and pointing the land rocket toward the last point where you saw the sun? Once you pass the legal limit of 75, what is the limit?

No law can stop you. A law enforcement officer can temporarily reduce your speed with an autograph session but once he is out of sight, you are free to go right back to speeding. Whether you fear punishment or not, the only thing that really can stop you is your respect for the law, a belief that adhering to the speed limit is the right thing to do. The fact is that once you break the 75 mph barrier, the functional limit is only what the AMG will do. If you believe it can outrun anything on the road, why not 150 mph? You have already broken the law, right?

The example is to propose that laws do little to restrain people or constrain government without the people in charge respecting those limits. I know that I have quoted it before but John Adams said:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Progressives like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama do not believe speed limits apply to them – only to you. The constraints of the Constitution do not limit them, they only use them to place limits on you.

4 thoughts on “You Reach Down, Between My Legs, Ease the Seat Back

  1. Utah,

    Truly, anarchy is the desired outcome for Obama and HRC. Destroy the “Rule of Law” and then the government takes control and becomes fully lord and master.

    Welcome to Dystopia.

    Prelims – Chicago, Baltimore, NYC, Los Angeles

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