Better Late than Never

Let’s all welcome Rush Limbaugh to the Party some of us have been throwing for several years now.  Apparently, old Rushbo has finally seen the writing on the wall!

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Disband the Republican Party’

“And now the Republicans have the largest number of seats in the House they’ve had in Congress since the Civil War,” he said. “And it hasn’t made any difference at all. It is as though Nancy Pelosi is still running the House and Harry Reid is still running the Senate. ‘Betrayed’ is not even the word here. What has happened here is worse than betrayal. Betrayal is pretty bad, but it’s worse than that.”

I just wish it hadn’t taken money matters to finally wake old Rush up.  I’d have preferred to have seen him stand on principle rather than pocket, but I’ll take it.

Now, can we FINALLY start talking about a real 2nd Party option out there…?  🙂

27 thoughts on “Better Late than Never

  1. Joe,
    Did you follow Rush’s comments and ponders on Islam? More substance in his remarks about
    “The Religion of Peace” than about the Republican betrayal of the American Conservative

    • EdwardS,

      I have been following Rush less and less these days. I owe him. He taught me a lot about how politics works in this country. HOWEVER — and this is dangerous given his influence — but, Rush does not seem to be as informed about Islam as he should be. Given what I have heard him say, I think he is regurgitating “executive briefs.” He shows no depth of understanding, so he does not seem to share my sense of urgency over Islam. For Rush, beating the “D’s” seems to be the #1 priority — even if it means beating them with Trump (who Rush has admitted is a D, himself). I know Dittoheads will not like this, but I have come to see Rush as part of the problem, not the solution — not anymore.

      • I see you are picking up on the Meme of Starting a “2nd Party ” !!!!

        It is out there…..I have been saying all ouver too. Because we really only have ONE party… the issue of a 3rd Party is moot !

        We would be starting a REAL 2nd Party…… A National Constitution Party !

    • Ed,

      I don’t share Joe’s opinion of Rush re: Islam necessarily. What specifically were you referring to about his comments on “the religion of Submission” ? Do you have a link or the Date?

  2. Stopped campaigning for GOPe style candidates back when the “moderate” wing of the DNC (known as the GOP) starting attacking Tea Party candidates, then refused to do anything to stop obamacare other than kabuki theater-style votes, and attacked Cruz for actually trying to stand on principle for the Constitution. I send back every single campaign donation request card with a sharpie note saying, “Not another damned penny until you stop fellating the socialists!”

  3. Don,
    Best to Bing “Rush Limbaugh on Islam” for many entries of various radio programs.

    Initially, I think his broadcast on January 14, 2015, Extremism “In The Name of Islam” was
    first real debate with callers.

    Have to research Rush on Islam to get all of his opinions on later broadcasts.

  4. Joe,
    I agree with your post. Although Rush does not express the emotion in his broadcasts about
    Obama, The GOP and Islam that Mark Levin or Michael Savage are known to have, I am
    sure that he tries to use a more tactical approach to convey his ideas and opinions?

    • EdwardS,

      IF Rush understands the threats represented by Obama and — more importantly — Islam, and he DOES NOT let his emotion show, then I ask you: does he REALLY understand the threat?

      If one claims to understand the threat and can still restrain themselves from screaming WARNING, then I submit that they do not TRULY understand what we face.

  5. Joe,
    If half of the American Public understood the threat of Islam as WE do, I am sure Rush would
    be hammering “The Religion of Peace” as the principal menace to America!

    Black Obama has a year to destroy the Constitution, Islam much longer!

  6. Joe,
    There is NO difference between Black Obama and Islam!

    Black Obama is in the most dangerous position (for America) to destroy the Constitution.

    Islam will continue Black Obama’s endeavor after Black (leaves?) is replaced by (hopefully)
    Senator Ted Cruz!

    • why do you have to call him ‘black’ Obama? Brother, that only harms your witness and your argument…. 😦

      Please, try not to give the enemy any more ammunition (and you know Obama is not the enemy, but rather, the spirit that motivates him — that is our true enemy)

      • You are both right.
        Remember Obama calls himself “Black”.
        But as to spirit…. there is the Black Madonna…Black Sun….Saturnalia…..the “Black” pope etc. Thus “Black” in this context serves as a double entendre used by the Enemy himself ( both the realm of Satan as well as his “representative” ) .

  7. Joe,
    Black Obama is convinced that The Race Card is very important to him getting his way
    with the racist Republicans. It has favored him in almost all of his legislation!

    Very unlike Dr. Martin Luther King, a Hero of Mine, Black Obama believes the color of
    his skin matters more to him than the content of his character.

    It is a sad testimony to Dr Martin Luther King that 96% of the Negro population in
    America voted for Black Obama, not counting all the race baited WHITE Americans!

    I would suggest that you and Don read an article written by one of my favorite writers,
    Lloyd Marcus in The American Thinker on December 22, 2015. (

    Don, I am perplexed with your post on “Spirituality” regarding Satan?

    • EdwardS,

      It is not that I do not understand. Nor do I disagree with you. The problem is like me trying to explain Islam to people. The average person BELIEVES the lies they have been told. So, if you are going to speak in the terms you are using, only the people who already understand will understand. The rest will just assume YOU are the racist and dismiss you. This is all I am saying.

      Any attempt to do otherwise requires a full explanation, as you just gave. But this, too, only serves to turn off the ignorant who are sure in their ignorance. You cannot get through the ‘self-protect’ mode that Political Correctness has built into so many Americans. I know. I have tried the battering ram approach. It doesn’t work. You have to use mines. They sneak up on people when people run over/into them. We do this by explaining things in question form. This way, when the ignorant answer the questions, they reveal their own truth. That goes off inside their PC walls, and THAT has a chance of getting through their brainwashed skulls.

      See what I am trying to say — and why?

    • How so Edward ?

      I was agreeing with you but saying the “Black” aspect is also related to the long-standing tradition of the Black Church set up in opposition to The church of the Lord. This was done in the Middle ages but has survived to this day. The “Black Madonna” and “Black Sun” were some of the icons worshiped mimicking those found in the Church ….and still are. Joe knows this history and movement, so I spoke to his knowledge.

      In short Those who adhere to this tradition in essence view their “spirituality” as residing in Lucifer. So to join metaphors, Obammy’s insistence upon pushing the divisive racial aspect of his agenda ( using Half of his parental gene pool as part of the foil) coincides with the non-Christian aspect of both the “Black(Satanic) Church” and the Progressive community activist Cultrural Marxism intended to bring America down. Because true Christianity doesn’t measure men by race does it ? Thus Obammy’s message is a mix of both.

    • Thanks for the reference BTW. I will look at it over the Break.

      I am sorry to say though that MLK is not what he has been propped up to be…… he is a Created phenomenon.

  8. Joe,
    There is an ideology in the Negro family that is 200 years old, passed on to each generation
    that will NEVER change as long as there are people like Black Obama, the democrat black
    caucus in Congress, AlSharpton, the Rev Wright, the black muslims or Jesse Jackson!

    Defining Black Obama as “Black” and an adherent of Islam are two different shoes! You can
    not add them together and reach a conclusion. Each has to be exposed separately to
    convince any semblance of the Negro population that you are defining an extravagant
    demeaning ideology that is destructive to the Black Community.

    My problem is that the Republican leadership has bought into the “Black” proposition that
    this is the current BEST position to maintain their (Republican) Senate and House leadership
    roles until the end of the Obama presidency. The Republicans have the false idea that if
    the worst happens, they can always amend or change the bad legislation passed.

    2017 is NOT going to be a good year regardless who is president! We have accepted too
    much of the “Political Correctness” to revert back to “pre-Obama” times and ideas!

    Don, thanks for the explanation. For some reason (ignorance?) I am unaware of the
    subject you defined?

    Joe, I disagree with your assumption. Dr Martin Luther King will be acknowledged as
    one of the TRUE leaders of Equality in our society.

    • EdwardS,

      Respectfully, I think you have gotten slightly confused n our exchange. I did not address MLK at all. Nor did I address racism in connection to the GOP. Is it possible that you have brought other issues into this and are now mingling them with what I thought we were discussing?

      Anyway, as to the GOP. You may want to consider another possibility. The GOP is doing EXACTLY what it wants to do — because it and the Democrats are one! They just pretend to be two Parties — for us Rubes. But they are the same Party, so what they are doing is in perfect agreement with their end goal — 1 Party rule without input from those of us left who can and actually do think for ourselves.

  9. Joe,
    Sorry that I credited a remark to you about MLK that Don included in his last post!

    My GOP racism is based on comments by the Senate and House leadership that
    NO consideration or discussion is possible on impeaching the current president
    because of his RACE, (the first black president) regardless of his Unconstitutional

    My opinions in my posts are not submitted to influence or convince any reader
    that they should change their attitude or ideology regarding what I state.

    The reason that I do any commenting is that I respect and wish to be informed
    by intelligent, reasonable, ideas that I have so far received.

    I am expressing MY OPINION based on what information (facts?) that I have
    regarding any subject that we discuss. I do not engage in word proliferation
    to fill up the square.

    Merry Christmas!

    • EdwardS,

      It’s all good, my friend 🙂

      Personally, I happen to agree with you in regards to the despicable attitude of the GOP. The refusal to impeach Obama is cowardly, at best. At worst, it is an out-right admission that the GOP leadership is RACIST! After all, refusing to hold someone to the same standards as anyone else simply because they are black implies they are somehow inferior to all others because they are black. If they were not considered inferior, then the only choice left is the GOP leadership is a bunch of cowards, or they are one-in-the same as the Democrat Party. It must be one of the two, or the GOP IS racist (but then, it could be a combination of all three).

      Either way, I will vote Cruz, but he may well be the last person with an ‘R’ after their name for whom I EVER vote. As much as I despise the Democrat Party, they do not hide their true nature. They display it to the world every day. But the GOP pretends to be something it obviously is not — not any longer. And for this, I HATE the Party — and I mean HATE IT! It needs to die. It does not need to be ‘saved’ or ‘reformed.’ A rabid animal is put down, and that is what the GOP has become — a rabid animal we need to put down.

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