TRUTH: the ‘Living Document’ Doctrine is Lawlessness

The Oil for Your Lamp

Once again, I have encountered a reader who believes that the founders cannot possibly have meant what they said, and, therefore, we cannot possibly know what their original intentions were when they wrote the Constitution.  These people can be exceedingly frustrating to deal with as they have renounced the use of reason.  We can know this is true because they never seem to understand that, if they are correct and we cannot know what the founders meant, then we cannot know what they mean — and for the same reasons.  So why do they even bother to comment when they cannot even be sure they know what they mean, themselves?  However, setting all this aside, we still need to understand the foundation of their perverted reasoning.  At the core of this line of thinking lies the notion that the Constitution is a ‘living document.’  And, as with most…

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