ABUSE OF POWER, a lawless Government: says Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell

Video of the “Political Insiders” hosted by Fox News below:  Take 15 minutes to watch.

Abuse of power:  It’s a lawless government….

Ruling like a semi-despot…  A country of men, not laws…

IRS:  Targeting of Obama’s political opponents is STILL occurring.

IRS:  is Executive (Presidential) abuse of Power

NSA:  Thousands of violations,  2700 abuses just the Washington area, could be thousands of Americans throughout the rest of the country.

“Why would we trust ANY agency to audit itself?”

Fox News Poll:

Scandal                Serious          Phony

  • Benghazi          78%              17%
  • NSA                  69%              26%
  • DOJ                  59%              31%
  • IRS                    59%              33%

If “we” are “nutters”, 3/4 of the nation is made of “nutters”

2 thoughts on “ABUSE OF POWER, a lawless Government: says Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell

  1. When the executive, legislative and judicial powers of government merge into a single person, group of people or institution, lawful government becomes an oxymoron.

    The fundamental purpose of Progressive government is to destroy the separation of powers. That process, going on for over 100 years in the United States, is nearly complete.

    And the lawless government cat is finally coming out of bag during the daylight hours for all to see.

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