Weird Science

“Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.”

~ Adam Smith, Economist Extraordinaire


I simply can’t shake the feeling that someday the absurdity and irrationality of our culture has to end. I have been told I am “anti-science” – mostly because I rarely take anything at face value, even when that information comes from trusted sources. I especially have problems with progressives who constantly claim they can turn lead into gold – but somehow never succeed and when they don’t succeed, instead of admitting failure, they simply slather the lead ingot with gold paint and call people idiots for not believing it is true gold. One wonders when the burden of proof based on fact will overcome progressivism the way true science overcame alchemy.

The problem with “progressive” science is that instead of explaining nature, their “science” is designed to camouflage reality. When combined with a political angle that makes it far more susceptible to disbelief by those of us with a healthy skepticism, progressive “science” seems more akin to Dark Age alchemy. Progressives seek to use this alchemy to replace the natural world with some alternative reality where the laws of Nature no longer apply, where truth is relative and facts are immaterial. As Adam Smith seems to have foretold, we are witnessing “the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.”

The very belief that we are all due equal outcomes in life is a total denial of the reality of the world, yet that is that the “progressives” seek to create but they cannot deny nature any more than I can. I cannot deny the fact that Michael Jordan and LeBron James are far better basketball players than I am, have ever been or will ever be. Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku also have less to fear from my intellect than LeBron James does from my absolutely wicked crossover and 3-inch vertical white boy leaping ability – but I also know that there are people in the population who are worse basketball players and weaker intellects than little ole me.

The point being that we are all different with different abilities, capabilities and desires and even if a collective government classifies us into categories like “basketball player” and “scientist”, there will still be variations within those groups. So when “progressives” understand that they can’t overcome the wondrous variations of nature and the individual by physically changing people, they turn to attempts at social, political and economic “equalization” via things like affirmative action, legislative and judicial activism, progressive taxation and class envy…and many times they hide behind “science” to do it.

I would put before you the hypothesis that it isn’t the Republicans who are suffering “the poison of enthusiasm and superstition”, rather to the contrary, it is the “progressive” alchemists who are.

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