Trafficking in Fear

fearLast night there was a piece on the local NBC affiliate showing crying and fearful children in the Salt Lake area schools afraid that because Trump was elected, their parents would be deported before the kids got home. I was so sorry for these kids, yet so angry at the people who put them and their teachers in this position.

Trump is not responsible for this fear. The proponents of tighter border control are not responsible for this fear.

  • This fear was not instilled by Trump, this is a creation of the Democrat Party in an effort to scare people into voting for them.
  • This fear is the responsibility of the US government officials who have looked the other way as the borders were breached.
  • This fear is the responsibility of elected officials who created programs like the DREAM Act that facilitate and support illegal aliens.
  • This is the responsibility of the leadership of Sanctuary Cities who provide aid and comfort to people who break the law by refusing to enforce federal law they don’t like.
  • This fear is the responsibility of the state governors who have sought to extend Obamacare and Medicaid benefits to illegal aliens.
  • This is the responsibly of every mayor, city council or school board that believes illegal aliens should be able to vote in local elections.
  • This fear is the responsibility of the leaders of the Mexican government that does nothing to secure their own northern border even as they brutally lock down their southern border and strictly enforce their own immigration laws.
  • More than anything, this fear is the responsibility of the parents of these kids who come here illegally, bring children here illegally or have children here even though they know what the consequences are. They possess the necessary mens rea as evidence they know that they did, are doing or plan to do is against American law.

It is simply illegitimate and inconceivable that those who seek to enforce standing law are responsible for a condition they had no hand in creating. The cowards who create this mess on a cyclical basis are responsible because they know illegal immigration cannot go on forever – but as long as it has political value to them, they will look the other way. As they do with legislation, they simply hope to make the problem so rife with emotion and so distasteful and difficult to unwind that nobody will want to resolve it.

Herb Stein was a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under Nixon and Ford, he created Stein’s Law by saying:

“If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

6 thoughts on “Trafficking in Fear

  1. Heard from the drive-by “news” media that the college snowflakes are searching for “free space”
    to take consolation from the fact that President-elect Donald J. Trump is going to evict the black
    family from the White House on 20 January 2017, and move in?

    • No worries….the black mother-in-law who has been freeloading in the WH all these years at Taxpayer expense, is eligible for a yearly pension of $160,000 for the rest of her life……also at Taxpayer expense.

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