Question Time

I pose this open query to all progressives in the aftermath of the shootings in Washington today:

The shooter was a member of the “resist” movement and was definitely feeling the Bern. So let me ask this:

Suppose you are successful in “resisting” to the point of revolution and overthrow of an elected president. What happens when people find out your (and in turn, theirs) resistance was based on lies created to incite the very revolution in which they participated?

What do you do then?

Because most, if not all, of the “resistance” movement against President Trump is based on lies, half-truths, supposition, innuendo and rumor. It is also based on rage and anger that he can do the same things Obama did and use his acts as justification – the rage and anger was missing for the past 8 years.

But progressivism is an “outcome based” ideology, isn’t it? In the words of Vladimir I. Lenin, “If you want to make an omelet, you have to be willing to break a few eggs”, so the ends justify the means, right?

I know how frustrated you are when your party (and mine as well) runs on hope and change and after we give them our votes and they win, they don’t change anything because “things are worse than we knew”, ” the procedures won’t allow us to move that fast” or “we have too much opposition.” At least in these situations, we have the ability to rectify the mistakes – a real revolt has somewhat more permanent consequences.

I get it – but a revolution based on a lie is not a revolution, it is a crime against humanity. Fabricating reasons for anger may be satisfying but in the end, it destroys both the target and the fabricator.

12 thoughts on “Question Time

  1. I am a firm believer that the “end” is all that matters to the resistance we are seeing. I can’t ever remember seeing any group or party resist like we are seeing today. Sure there were people 8 years ago that thought that having OWEbozo as POTUS would be the end of America. But since these resisters didn’t have the media behind them their “resistance” was either ignored or called racism.
    Unfortunately, I am afraid that what we are seeing now could cause America to never be able to work as a United States of America ever again.

    • There really isn’t any “resistance” though is there ?…..This is another co-opting of the language. What are thye resisting ? The Electoral college and the standard peaceful transition of power that has happened since George Washington ended his 2nd term. They are “resisting” America….the Constitution… everything that makes America…a Constitutional Republic.

      To me…. that by definition is a Revolution…akin to an invasion by a foreign force. America is split. I think these are the 21st century results of the seed planted by Lincoln himself in his reaction to Ft. Sumpter and subsequent abolishing of the Bill of Rights. Only re-affirmed by Congressional pressure at that time. The re-interpretation of America as equal to the Federal gov’t was begun at that time. And virtually the entire Left today sees only the Fed Gov’t as legitimate.

  2. Utah,

    You realize I hope that you are attempting to talk to people who are perma-haters…. they are not rational.

    And we ( our side ) needs to prepare for this revolution. History is very clear on the path of the Left….bullies, intimidation, riots etc…and of course the silence of the “rational” democrat base and the verbal justification of all of this violence and murder by the millennial social media set. All indicate pretty clearly where this is headed. The American left…..just like the muslims…..couldn’t be any more clear on where they are taking this.

    Organizing, arming and preparing with a Plan is what’s needed. After… Article V COS will be needed to right the ship.

  3. Steve (I’m David Duke without the baggage) Scalise personifies the “It is also based on rage and anger ” comment in your post. The GOP is putting wanna be klan members into positions of authority and then trying to lecture progressives about what again?

    Give me a break. Your party is doomed.

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