The Ugly Truth

The entire BLM/woke/cancel culture breaks down to one least common denominator:

Life isn’t fair.

Never has been and will never be.

Life has been defeated by those best equipped to fight it on their own terms.

As racist as this sounds, black Americans have been domesticated.

So many have been fed and sheltered by the state for so long, they can no longer fend for themselves. Progressive Democrats have treated black Americans as cattle for so long, they have become cattle. That’s not a racist statement, it is simple behavioral conditioning that can happen to anyone and everyone of any race.

Humans of all races and ethnicities have been “trained” since humanity began – most often under authoritarian regimes. Communist regimes (like China) count on this behavioral modification.

Nobody wants to address this because they will be called a racist (or worse) – but since I have been called one several times, I have nothing to lose.

But I believe this is the unfortunate reality – and it is why other races can come to America from countries with regimes and living conditions just as harsh as slavery – or in some cases, worse, and prosper, sometimes within a very short time. It is why, as a general rule, black African immigrants do better than native born black Americans.

This is not a new fact. It has been recognized for a quite a while – but it is not discussed because, you guessed it, to do so would be racist.

In 2007, a study published in the American Journal of Education showed that over one-quarter of black college freshmen were immigrants from Africa, rather than native born – twice as many as in the general population. For Ivy League schools, the figure was 40%.

About that study, James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal argued that:

“…at least as measured by enrollment in elite universities, black immigrants and their children are succeeding in America far more, on average, than blacks whose families have been in the U.S. for generations–i.e., the descendants of slaves. This is a strong argument against the proposition that black underachievement in America is primarily the result of present-day racism.”

A 2015 Nielsen Research study found “that black immigrants earn more than U.S-born blacks. The median household income for foreign black immigrants is 30% higher than black Americans.”

A 2020 University of Kansas study revealed that African born immigrants had a higher labor force participation rate than US born black Americans. They noted “Overall, African-born immigrants aged 16 and over have a higher rate of employment (69.2%) relative to the foreign-born population (63.1%) and the general US population (59.9%).”

Structural and systemic racism is not racism at all, it is simply a modification of behaviors caused by generational dependence upon government. If you critically observe what BLM wants, it become clear that it is a reaction against government, not conservatives.

The Democrats are masters at deflecting blame. If they weren’t, America could solve this problem in less than a generation.

One thought on “The Ugly Truth

  1. Was unable to read this until this morning. Again, you are right on. I do not recall Taranto’s 2007 column that you cite, but it is on the money. I saw this with the young black students who worked as high school interns at ExxonMobil in the early 2000’s. We had young black women who were “planning” their pregnancy to product a welfare baby shortly after high school graduation. Why? This would allow them to start picking up all the benefits that would accrue to them as single mothers. It was very clear. And, you are correct. Sad state of affairs.

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