Gradually, and Then Suddenly

Given that America is already paying for Biden’s agenda, I think it is appropriate to ask:

What has America gained for what it has cost?

And keep in mind, the big hammer hasn’t even dropped yet.

There are massive spending plans working their way through a Democrat Controlled Congress that are on top of Covid money approved under President Trump that hasn’t been spent yet. Taxes are going up, as is inflation, meaning your savings are worth less. Nobody in power gives a tinker’s damn about deficits or debt because Modern Monetary Theory rules in Washington these days.

America is going bankrupt gradually and then suddenly and Herb Stein’s Law applies – when something cannot go on forever, it will stop.

We are now at the same apex that Venezuela achieved with the rise of Hugo Chavez – it is just that our Hugo is a multi-headed communist hydra instead of one titular leader. It took the Chavistas about 40 years to bring their country to communism and only about five until they were eating zoo animals and rats.

Gradually and then suddenly.

People may think this is all happening suddenly to America – but the fact is this process has been ongoing for most of my adult life. A nudge to the left here and there, but the nudges are constant and never back to the right. Biden is the “suddenly” part of the “gradually”.

But for now, the Democrats and their merrymaking friends in the Republican Party are riding the playground carousel (do they even have these days?). The Fed is running along beside it, spinning it faster and faster. Any kid with merry-go-round experience will confirm, if it spins fast enough for long enough, kiddies start getting dizzy and then slung off.

And then there is the spending…

Nobody in Washington even knows what the trillions of debt-based spending is going to be used for. There is so much of it, I can pretty much guarantee Congress will partially fund programs, and the administrators of those programs will be back begging for more money in the future. It’s a simple legislative trick to group a bunch of marginal programs in a huge spending bill and then increase their funding on an individual program basis in the future. That’s how we get studies of prawns running on tiny underwater treadmills.

Socioeconomic programs coming out of DC are like my home renovation projects – once the Supreme Director of Interior Design (my wife) and her Assistant Director (my daughter) get involved, the inevitable cost increasing questions surface: “Can we do this?” and “Can we move this over there?” (said with a this month’s copy of Southern Living, Mountain Living or Garden and Gun in hand).

Ka-ching goes the register at Home Depot.

Again, not seeing gains for America here.

But there have been gains.

Government is winning.

Government at all levels has gained power.

It seems clear that pretty much every unit of governance in America, federal, state, and local – from the Oval Office and the DOJ all the way down to our local school boards and county health departments have been weaponized and deployed against at least half of America, maybe more.

The cost to America isn’t about billions of dollars, it is measured in the tangible loss of individual liberty of the American people.

It would seem Karl Popper’s Paradox of Tolerance is worth mention, it is the idea that tolerance of the intolerant will always lead to the intolerant overcoming the tolerant – and nothing lasts forever. It will stop in either of two ways, when the America people have eaten all the zoo animals or when we choose to stop it.

I think most of us would prefer the latter.

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