The New Aristocracy

Mark Steyn absolutely slaughters a point that I, in my amateurish blogger manner, barely scraped the surface of when I wrote this:

The governmental bureaucracy thrives on heredity – they value longevity as an avenue for advancement and view loyalty and chronology of service over performance. The recent “revolts” of the public sector unions served to reinforce the sense of entitlement and privilege that comes with this federal heraldry. Even the political parties revere the Illuminati and elitists, giving us candidates that are “establishment approved”.

Steyn ties this and the post that Poli just put up about Eurotrash elitist Dominique Strauss-Kahn into a neat bow to posit that there is more than a metaphorical New Aristocracy, it is real and the “Wrath of Khan” is evidence of it. Steyn writes:

Fortunately, when the burdens of recognizability get too great, M Strauss-Kahn is able to retreat to his house in Washington, or his apartment in Paris, or his second apartment in Paris, or his riad in Marrakesh. Oh, c’mon, you provincial bozos: A “riad” is a palatial Moorish residence built around an interior courtyard. Everyone knows that. A lifetime of devoted “public service” in “socialist” France isn’t yet as remunerative as in Mubarak’s Egypt or Saddam’s Iraq, but we’re getting there. As the developed world drowns under the weight of Big Government, the gilded princelings of statism will hunker down in their interior courtyards and guard their privileges ever more zealously. Once in a while, as in that Manhattan hotel suite, a chance encounter between the seigneurs and their subjects will go awry, but more often, as in the Geithner confirmation, it will be understood that the Great Men of the Permanent Governing Class cannot be bound by the rules they impose on the rest of you schmucks.

Yes, they Kahn. You, not so much. After Charlie Rangel, chair of the House committee that writes America’s tax laws, was “censured” by Congress for multiple infractions of, er, America’s tax laws, a Washington Times reporter invited him to imagine what punishment the “average American citizen” would have received had he done what the Congressman did. “Please,” Rangel told her. “I don’t deal in average American citizens.”

If only.

Thomas Paine was painfully correct (pardon the pun) when he wrote:

“…our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer…”

We create these beasts by showing them deference and ultimately fealty.

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