Ode to B.

Gosh, I’ve come across this Beethoven video twice today, so I thought I would share. I actually took a course on Beethoven and his symphonies, but I feel detailing that would drive you to tears…..or eggnog. I’ll make this short.

It can be easily said that Beethoven was a revolutionary; politically and musically. I do believe that the most interesting people in history are the most scrutinized and Beethoven’s no exception….

Back in the day, his daddy didn’t give him a crackin; he boxed his ears. This led to the deterioration of his aural abilities. Did this deter him? Nah.

B. (Beethoven, not Joseph) was fiercely independent. He dedicated his 3rd symphony to Napoleon. When Napoleon pulled a Morsi, B. got ticked and deleted the dedication. Interestingly, Schiller’s poem (B.’s inspiration) was originally an ode to freedom. I reckon he didn’t feel safe in those times publishing anything anti-government (Big brother’s been around longer than ya think!)

If you have read this far, I’m thankin my lucky stars (or the eggnog!) I suppose I should be more detailed, but I think you already know that B. lived during the French Revolution and that his life was affected in a profound way by it. So what of his boxed ears, then? Well, they started failing him…..

When B. wrote his 9th symphony, he showed his revolutionary spirit by throwing vocals into it (Never been done before. Oh, the shame!) Almost forgot: He was also completely deaf when he wrote and conducted it. Did this deter him? You tell me.



8 thoughts on “Ode to B.

  1. I like the one Beethoven composed about his upset stomach and flatulence. Did your professor cover that one in the class you took?

  2. It was definitely B. And it is so well done! When the prof explained that B. was composing about his indigestion the work became hilarious.

  3. Nice music history lesson. Good stuff.

    Hair-splitting side-note: It does not appear that Beethoven was a subject of Napoleonic rule when he composed the 3rd Symphony, nor when he scratched the Napoloeon’s dedication from it. Napoleon declared himself emperor of France in May 1804. Napoleon first occupied Vienna in 1805, and later in 1809.

    • Justin, are you thinking on the 9th? The 3rd was written in 1804 but published a few years after. Were you thinking on the effect of the country in which he resided? I believe if it had such a profound effect across the pond, it probably woke up Europe, as well. Sorry. Just tryin to figure out your hair-splitter. Speaking of hair, I just added a sweet red to mine! I also cut it. Oh, and I use Redken, not Clairol. Uh-huh.

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