So You Don’t Waste Your Time…

Joe HakosI’ll make this a really quick read today.  Tonight Barack Obama will deliver this year’s State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress and the American People.  I’ll help you out here so you can do other worthwhile things, like re-grouting your shower, clip your cat’s claws, and for the sake of the planet check the pressure in your tires.

Obama will blame Republicans…ALL Republicans…From ALL TIME!  Will say that we as a Nation have not spent enough money (which we don’t already have by the way) and we need to spend MORE.  So the evil people who might have some money must be made to give what they have left.

Lets remember the theme of the address.


So to recap… Republicans bad and Spend Spend Spend.


8 thoughts on “So You Don’t Waste Your Time…

  1. Prolly his “Crystal” ball….cause the “Magic-johnson 8 Ball” could be considered racist after all……specially in Los Angeles.

  2. Well, daddy, I have just asked the Magic 8 Ball if Obama will speak on govt. spending. It said: Reply hazy. Try again.

    All right, I will. Same question, different answer: Without a doubt.

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