RNL Housekeeping: Some Follow-Up on this Week’s Commentary

We had several disputes in the commentary section of several posts this week.  In the interest of keeping things easily followed, I figured I would address two of them here.

The first dealt with an assertion that public polling shows that a majority of Americans are not happy with the direction of the country.  The resulting data from this poll was never really in doubt, it was the conclusion(s) drawn from this data that led to an assertion that this means people are turning toward “conservatives” and/or the Republican Party.  Well, here’s the catch.  Recent polling also shows that the majority of people dissatisfied with the direction of the nation do not connect the direction to Obama or Obama’s policies.  This also accounts for the vacillations in Obama’s approval ratings.  The only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn from this disconnect within the American population is that any conclusion that people are turning from the Left to the Right cannot be supported by the cited polling data: it must be “assumed.”

The second issue dealt with the anonymous Democrat’s letter to the editor titled “Proud to be an American.”  One RNL reader said that SNOPES “debunked” it.  The commenter also declared the letter parody.  In reality, SNOPES confirmed that this letter was real, then – true to LIBERAL form – SNOPES editorialized, saying THEY think it was satire.  The problem here is, for a site dedicated to “debunking” internet myths; SNOPES was deliberately creating an internet myth.  There is no evidence that the letter in question was intended to be satire, so SNOPES shouldn’t have commented on it.  That they did is actually an indication of the political agenda behind the SNOPES staff.  Real reporting or “debunking” would have simply stated the letter was actually published in the paper mentioned on the date mentioned and left it at that.

Finally, it was firmly established that I cannot spell to save my life and that fellow contributors, Augger and Texas, have volunteered to do their best to follow-up behind me, policing my prolific misspelling wherever and whenever they find them.


32 thoughts on “RNL Housekeeping: Some Follow-Up on this Week’s Commentary

  1. Why would anyone believe Snopes? Any time I have checked there on things I actually know about, they have been wrong.

    • drk,

      For whatever reason, the Left seems to take SNOPES as “gospel.” That’s unfortunate because, as you rightly point out, they get an awful lot wrong, and the majority of it seems to be connected to the political views of the people running it.

      • Hey Joe !! ( not to paraphrase Jimi Hendrix or anything ).

        You were ahead of the Curve with your 70’s shoe thread….Maybe Mark Levin reads UR blog.

        He was responding to a GOP comment that the GOP needed to present themselves as “Cool”……Mark said “Oh OK so maybe the Male GOP shouls bring back Liesure suits and the Female GOP could wear Hotpants and mini-skirts..” LOL.

        ( well …. the Hotpants / miniskirts …. might not be a bad idea actually ).

    • Snopes was long ago purchased by a George Soros Holding Company…..

      Any question now why SNOPES is pushed as Liberal Gospel ???

    • Hey! Haven’t you left the country yet? Why do you think I allowed you to be Secretary of State? It was for the same reason Obama gave it to Hillary: to get her out of the country already! 😉

    • No, Kells, there are no supporting links that can be traced to anything other than speculation on conservative blogs.

      • Kells,

        Do you see why no one gives this fool any credibility? Here he is: authoritatively telling you that the aforementioned links do not exist, thus revealing to those who understand the context that he is an ignorant ass of a man.

        James, if you bothered to read, and if you cared about anything other than being a troll, you wouldn’t have made such a STUPID comment. The links to which Kells is referring are links to POST ON THE RNL! And they most definitely exist, you idiot.

        See, folks, James has a PhD, which proves our university system has F-A-I-L-E-D!

  2. “Augger and Texas, have volunteered to do their best to follow-up behind me, policing my prolific misspelling wherever and whenever they find them.”

    Ah no, no, no. (laughs). Augger really said:

    “Yeah well. F**K them. Liberalism is obviously incongruous with reality. I’ll correct whatever bothers me, and the rest …they can piss off for all I care. Rights aren’t subject to their perception of our need.”

    Don’t make me out to be any less choleric to these crazy (censored) liberals than I already am. 🙂

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