Just because Trayvon or Zimmerman in the Title Gets Hits

Still, I have found a bunch of pictures that make some good points about what we should take away from the Zimmerman/Martin case.  Here are just a few:








Now, about this last picture: since the Zimmerman verdict, we have had riots and blacks have been openly attacking and murdering whites just because they are white.  These are federal civil rights and hate crimes.  We know this — beyond ANY doubt — because the attackers/murderers were screaming “this is for Trayvon” when they did it.  Have you heard about these attacks and murders?  Is the media running them 24/7, screaming about how racist blacks are and how it is no “OK” to kill whitey just because he is walking down the street?  Are Obama and Holder promising to get these black murderers the same way they promised to get Zimmerman?  NO!  And why not?  Well, here is one possibility: they are trying to incite white to defend themselves in mass:


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