The ‘Hidden’ Side of Glenn Beck’s Message

AGENDAS: The Hidden Side of Glenn Beck

When I first encountered Glenn Beck, I thought the man was a fool.  At the time, he was still mixing his brand of humor in with the ‘news’ he presented on his show.  I’m sure this had something to do with my opinion of him, but I did pay attention to what he was saying.  Many people miss this about me: I pay more attention than they realize, I am just quick to dismiss most of what I hear or read.  But I couldn’t just dismiss the information Beck was presenting, so I set out to find the ‘proof’ I needed to disprove him.  Long story short, I couldn’t find that ‘proof’ because it doesn’t exist.  Instead, I discovered Beck is not sharing the scariest parts of what he knows with his audience.  This is why I came to respect Glenn Beck: because he pushed me into actually applying my education to investigate things for myself.  In short, he got me up off my lazy butt.  Unfortunately for Beck, it also put me on a path that would eventually lead me to discover that he is hiding a secret message or ‘code’ in the things he is telling his audience. Continue reading

8 thoughts on “The ‘Hidden’ Side of Glenn Beck’s Message

  1. Joe,

    I agree with you about Beck’s “Hidden Message” agenda. I also want to bring up Beck’s incessant appeal to MLK and Gandhi as social metaphors for his ( Beck’s) “move to the center”. In the last year Beck has used MLK as cloak of legitimacy for himself and as a suggested path for all Americans to emulate and follow.

    MLK was essentially a radical socialist who used the mantle of non-violence rhetoric as cover to advocate for redistribution and ” economic Justice” ( Social Justice ). His current image is largely a manufactured one. Whereas the reality of his life and work show more of the Occupy movement than of advocating for Liberty as defined by a Constitutional Republic.

    King’s long association with Socialists and Communists shows clearly in their influence upon his words and actions. Let’s look at just some of his closest influences.

    Stanley Levinson…. A lifelong Progressive activist who had a Leadership position in the Communist Party USA ( CPUSA). Levinson was instrumental in all of the SCLC’s activities ( Southern Christian Leadership Conference). He was a Close advisor to King , organized many of his marches and was King’s ghostwriter !

    Bayard Rustin …..Leftist activist ( and Gay activist). Honoary Chairperson of the Socialist Party of America. And a member of the Social Democrat, USA.

    Philip Randolph …. lifelong activist and leader in the Socialist Labor movement.

    Victor Reuther ……Leftist Socialist and Labor organizer and leader.

    There are many more connections. I put up a few of King’s associates so that people can do research for themselves.

    Here are some of King’s own words.

    • And getting back to Beck and his Hidden message and agenda. Here is Beck 5 years ago with the information and truth about King…..spoken from Julian Bond.

      And yet today 2014-2015 we have Beck using the manufactured IMAGE of MLK for whatever His ( and CNN and the Huffington Post’s ) and whoever’s agenda is.

      • DonAmeche,

        What you have actually discovered is something I noticed a while back. Beck does not seem to know his own mind. In truth, I am starting to believe he does not have a mind of his own. He speaks of principles, but I doubt he knows what they are or what his words actually mean. It is all connected.

        Anyone who has listened to him for any length of time should have noticed how easily swayed he is by Pat. In fact, I have noticed that Pat often drives the direction of Beck’s conversations and even steps in to steer them. I don’t know if this is conscious or not. Pat may not even realize he is doing it, but listen carefully for a few weeks and — now that you know what to look for — you’ll hear it. Beck is a “me too” personality.

        This is also reflected in the fact that Beck hops around in what he thinks is important. Whatever he happens to be reading at the time seems to become the prevailing philosophy that drives him. It was Gandhi, now it is MLK, tomorrow it will be someone or something else.

        Now I could be wrong, but I would guess that this has a lot to do with his past. He came from an abusive family (so he says), and is a recovering alcoholic. You can tell by listening that he feels deep guilt over his past. All of this would make Mormonism very appealing. Grace is difficult to understand, harder to accept. it is easier to think you can work your way to God and that Jesus will step in and cover whatever ground you cannot do on your own. It does not work that way, but then, Mormons have an answer for that to: since the Bible has been perverted, Mormons are free to pick and choose what they want to believe. Funny, though: Beck talks about how much he likes the Apostle, Paul, yet he has to reject about half of what Paul wrote or reject Mormonism. Paul clearly and forcefully condemns Becks religion, as well as the practice of rejecting any part of the Bible. SO I have no idea how Beck manages to harmonize this or any of the conflicts I have noticed in his show as of late. All I know is I no longer trust him.

        • I heard, quite a while back, a bit of Pat and Stu talking on their own. I was impressed with their depth of knowledge and understanding of the complexity of their topic and the implications beyond the obvious of what they were discussing.

          As to Beck your comments have been VERY perceptive !

          At first he was coming to Texas because of the Liberals in NYC. Then I heard recently it was because of his mysterious ( undiagnosed) disease. Now it seems they are almost always broadcasting yet again from… New York. All of which has left me with a bit of Dis-Ease to say the least.

          • DonAmeche,

            Yes, Pat, and especially Stu, both seem to have a better grip on the connections between the things Beck has told his audience and tried to teach us. The same cannot be said about Glenn. He does not seem to even see the connections, let alone understand any of them. To me, this is a sure sign of spiritual blindness, and if he is spiritually blind to all this…

          • DonAmeche,

            I had to look that one up — THANKS! I think YOU are the one being perceptive here. I suspect that Beck may believe this about himself. It is hard to tell. Beck tries to go into his Mormon beliefs all the time, but — I you are listening close — you will notice that Pat usually stops him. Now, why would anyone have to keep their religious beliefs a secret…unless there is a part of them that knows there is something wrong with those beliefs 😉

            Paul tells us we ALL have that inner compass that tells us right from wrong — according to God’s laws, not ours. The problem is, some of us are better at listening to it and others are better at tuning it out. I think Beck’s nature — the part that causes him to drift and just accept some things — I think this masks that voice in him. So where Beck sees no problem revealing things that — if brought into the light would kill his empire — Pat sees them and stops Beck from destroying himself. The closer I get to the Lord, the more I worry over that relationship and their religion.

            BTW: If we look at the Gazelam verses in Biblical terms, there is no controversy as to the meaning. Smith was making another reference to Christ, only he was trying to convert the Messiah to his Mormon religion. The ‘servant’ and ‘stone’ are both Biblical references to Christ, the suffering servant and rejected corner stone. So, when I looked this up and read the verse from the book fo Mormon for the first time, I saw this right away. Islam does something very similar. SPIRITUALLY, this is a reflection of Satan trying to co–opt God’s plans for those who would accept Him and His Son, Jesus Christ. After all, Satan does not create or build, he only destroys and copies.

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