“the Dark ages” or “the brilliant ages”

Who is more civilized?

We [current moderns] dismiss the achievements of our ancestors and fall short of them.

They honored their ancestors and surpassed them.


One thought on ““the Dark ages” or “the brilliant ages”

  1. Good Video !!

    Christianity not only allowed but encouraged the exploration of the World using rational thought and experiment.

    The French Abbot Suger wrote about the Cathedral at St Denis ( 1140-1144 AD ) and what the Goals were in constructing it. A perfect mix of Religion and Science. The primary goals were to :

    1. ” Construct a building with the geometric order and mathematical or proportional harmony that people saw in God’s universe.”

    2. Create a luminous interior where the miraculous light flooding the choir through the most sacred windows becomes the Light Divine, a mystic revelation of the Spirit of God “.

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