Progressive Unreality


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Given that nothing really ever changes and what was old is new again, the comments coming from the progressives after the tragic Orlando shootings indicate 1) the absolute intent of the Democrats to lie about everything, 2) the total denial of objective reality, 3) their necessity to create an alternate reality where their incoherent and absurd thoughts and statements can be true, 4) the complete, absolute, total and all-encompassing mental illness that is progressivism and 5) that there is no length the lying progressives won’t go to gain and retain power.

George Orwell wrote “Animal Farm” and  “1984” s a warning – cautionary tales of man’s descent into dystopian existence – not as instruction manuals for how to do it. Blackwhite, newspeak and thoughtcrimes are the order of the day. All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. The economy is great, America is safer now than at any time in the past 8 years, any schlub can walk into a gun show and buy a fully automatic weapon without a background check (a statement proving that Harry Reid is a senile, serial liar and an abject fool – as are the people who believe him). A possibly gay Muslim from Afghanistan heritage kills 50 and white, Christian, legal gun owning masculine males are to blame. Beat male fires his first AR-15 and finds it loud, it bruises his delicate skin (and his even more delicate masculinity) to the point of giving him “temporary” PTSD and prompts him (assuming that is its preferred pronoun) to write what is perhaps the singularly most embarrassing screed known to man (other than the last speech by Obama). This writer certainly hopes the meek reporter didn’t soil his Hello Kitty panties in the process.

All of this unreality reminded me of something I wrote back in 2012 that still has relevance…

I have written quite a bit about the gap between the real world and the Utopian construction that “progressives” favor. I guess that I have been rooted in the “hard” sciences like engineering and mathematics for far too long to have a appreciation of living in a world where actions and results don’t matter.  I have also been exposed to the softer side of organizational dynamics because in my career, I have had to learn to be multilingual in business – I have a degree in finance and economics which allows me to speak sales, marketing and accountant, mechanical engineering which allows me to speak tech, and a general business education which allows me to speak the project management and administrative lingo. My postgraduate degree allows me to understand international business interrelationships and cultures – but just like the “hard” sciences, these have rules as well.

I have written that:

I understand the usefulness of philosophical debate as a part of intellectual inquiry but in a practical sense, it is useless and idiotic to endlessly debate whether Schrödinger’s cat is alive or dead  under the box when all you have to do is lift the box to find out. If you have the power to intellectually discover the “is or ain’t” of a situation, why waste time with hypothetical propositions?

It is equally useless to argue that the status of the cat, once determined, is the opposite to what is observed because it depends on our current perception of reality.

The damn cat is either alive or dead. Period.Stick that in your existentialist philosophy pipe and smoke it.

Post-modernists, deconstructionists and “progressives” are the creation of a successful and productive society. They exist as a luxury appendage to a society that produces more than it consumes, thereby providing the time and money for these “intellectuals” to tear down the very mechanism that allows them to exist. This type of reductive and destructive reasoning is totally worthless to society. It helps no one in understanding anything and serves only as a convenient excuse for the harsh reality of the world and the interactions of its inhabitants.

Post-modernism, deconstructionism and “progressivism” are all the result of individuals seeking to explain their lack of success, societal mobility and meaningful achievement in the face of the objective success of productive members of society and individual self-determination. They are incapable of coming to terms with their own limitations; therefore they must construct an alternative explanation for their lack of tangible value to society through a system of pseudo-logic. The issue with this is that it has absolutely no basis in reality – similar to the theory of Marx and Engels that capital and labor have existed in an eternally antagonistic relationship.

Now Noemie Emery comes along at The Examiner and ties it up in a neat bow:

The year of losing touch with reality

Somewhere in the recent past (say, about the time “Dreams From My Father” was published), liberals decided reality wasn’t really their thing. It was too dull. It didn’t give closure. Sometimes the endings weren’t right. So it turns out that Obama’s main squeeze in his young days was a “composite,” digitally enhanced for your reading experience.

Then, it turned out that even the blond, blue-eyed, whey-faced Elizabeth Warren, running against Scott Brown in Massachusetts for his seat in the Senate, was hired by Harvard as an American Indian, though the proportion of Cherokee in her bloodline was just 1 in 32 parts. Just how pale-faced is Warren? A lot more than George Zimmerman, the brown-skinned son of a Peruvian mother who is accused of murdering Trayvon Martin. He was described by the New York Times as a “white Hispanic,” because if you’re going to characterize a death as a lynching, the one who commits it had better be white.

In similar news, three broadcast employees have already been fired for “editing” a call made by the same Zimmerman so that it appeared he found Martin suspicious and pursued him because Martin was black. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit linked headshots of Warren and Zimmerman, with Zimmerman labeled a “cracker,” and Warren described as a racial “minority.” Nothing is more important than race, and race is defined the way the Left wants it.

What could be less real than that? Well, there is one thing — conjecture about what would have been in an alternative universe, in which much is asserted and nothing proved. These have become mainstays for President Obama, whose case for re-election is based not on what has happened, but what could, would or might have occurred under different conditions, which he is allowed to make up. One is his belief that his stimulus averted a second Depression. A second is to charge that a President Romney would not have made the call to take out Osama bin Laden and then to attack Romney for a “decision” he never had the opportunity to make. The supposed evidence for this claim came from a wide-ranging interview on general strategy that Romney had given five years earlier.

“Believe me and not your lying proletariat eyes,” we are told.

Sometimes these days it seems that there isn’t enough crazy to go around.

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