The Dodo Bird Media

Perhaps the most stunning aspect of the recent Wikileaks revelations is not the corruption of the Democrats, it is that not one single incident of this corruption was reported by any of the major “news” organizations.

That they can find a woman who claims to have been treated poorly by Trump over 30 years ago but show no curiosity about a 12 million dollar donation to be given to the family foundation of a candidate for president one month after she announces her candidacy is pretty damning.

The juice box media members at Vox helpfully explain that it wasn’t the contribution that is the issue it was the TIMING of the contribution that was the problem. Vox’s crayon-wielding “journalists” quote only left wing sources to note that there is not a smidgen of corruption here and based on the “non-partisan fact-checker” PolitiFact, the Clintons take no “direct monetary benefits” from the Clinton Crime Family Foundation and Global Graft Initiative…but these same totally impartial Etch-A-Sketch wielding junior palace scribes at PropagandaFact acquiesce that “…you can make a case that they have received some indirect personal benefits.

You bet your sweet bippy you can make that case. One can’t schlep around the globe in private jets and enjoy luxe accommodations on your husband’s government pension alone, especially when you leave the White House “dead broke.”

When PolitiFact ranks something damning about a Democrat as “Half True”, it is a safe bet that it is absolutely, unequivocally 100% true.

As rabidly curious as the media was about how a billionaire businessman could possibly have $900 million in net operating losses in 1995, they are equally as incurious about how a couple can leave the White House “…not only dead broke, but in debt” in 2001, with the wife continuing in public office and yet a mere 15 years later have amassed a personal fortune of over $200 million by simply giving speeches and having the last name of “Clinton.”

The palace guard talking heads want to make the Wikileaks releases about how the information was obtained without acknowledging that the method with which the information was obtained doesn’t change the validity of the information. As Fox’s Chris Wallace noted in his recent interview with HRC’s campaign majordomo Robbie Mook, the Dems aren’t really denying the information is real.

It isn’t that the media couldn’t find or didn’t already know the information illegally obtained and then disclosed by Assange and his minions, it is that they didn’t want to look or know. Just like the depths of Hillary’s breach of national security due to the use of her private email server, 99% of this could have been uncovered through honest reporting.

What a shame it is that we no longer have an honest and independent press.

Most freedoms are lost – not because they are taken – but because they are freely given away. It sure appears that is the case with the free press – the free and independent press is going the way of the dodo to the cacophonous din of media self-congratulatory back-slapping and applause.

One thought on “The Dodo Bird Media

  1. “What a shame it is that we no longer have an honest and independent press.”
    I believe this is partially due to the fact that we no longer have any honest politicians.

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