Let’s Talk About A ‘Third Party’


I have had it with the talking heads who pound their podiums and tell you that a ‘third Party’ cannot and will never work. If this is true, then we only have one Party — the Democrat Party. This is because the GOP started as a ‘third Party,’ but, since third Parties cannot and will never work, that must mean the GOP doesn’t exist, because it can’t and never will. Therefore, those of us who have been saying a vote for the ‘R’ is really a vote for the ‘D’ have been right all along. Or, we can stop mentally masturbating to defend our favorite political tribe and get serious — for a change.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About A ‘Third Party’

  1. Third parties spawn fourth parties spawn…
    I live in Italy that has more parties that Carter Little Liver Pills.
    The many parties are so complex that elections are forced to use the straight line method to tally.
    As corrupt as the current tallies were, I wouldn’t want to see a third party.

    ‘Nuff Said.

    • Well, in the U.S., it would actually be a second Party, as the two current Parties are two wings of the same bird. What’s more, without a viable second option, the U.S. will just fall further and further into Fascist dictatorship. In fact, I fear it is already too late to stop that from happening. The third Party idea had its chance, but all the talking heads did their job and stopped it just long enough for the global reset to proceed without any threat from the people. Now, the whole world stands at the edge of the abyss and, short of a massive return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, all that seems to be left is global darkness — at least for those who do l=not live in Elysium, anyway.

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